Day 5 ~ Love in its Many Forms

Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls


A Look from the Fairelands (details of Fairelands items and slurls after the pictures)





Fashion Details for items at the Fantasy Faire:

  • outfit (dress and shoes):  Anubis Bride by Vixn Dagger of Vengeful Threads in The Golden Delta
  • veil:  face net headband by Krystali Rabeni of Love Roleplay & Fantasy Store in Tinkers Hollow
  • crown:  dragonfly crown by Krystali Rabeni of Love Roleplay & Fantasy Store in Tinkers Hollow
  • Location: Sapphire Mirror Lake by Haveit Neox

Day 5 ~ Love in its Many Forms

Instinctively, Bloom’n shielded her eyes, yet she needn’t.  Her hand floated down from her face as she watched, wide-eyed with wonder, as a multitude of creatures emerged from the Light.

They had been crouched in shadow all this time, much like Bloom’n, she realized.  Removed from their shackles of fear and trepidation, disavowed of any notion of alone-ness by benefit of Sage’s brilliant surge of Light.

Never alone.  They seemed to fully realize it now.  Tiny creatures of all varieties – rabbits, mice, cats, petite fae and fairies — scurried forth.  Upright wolves and Giant Barbarians too.  Even what seemed to be a short-circuited toaster that skitted around wildly – could it be joyfully? – and all the while shooting out heaps of lightly-browned pieces of toast. 

Suddenly Sage and Bloom’n felt the press of these creatures on them, but mainly Sage, truth be told, who had long since reached out her hands of light in welcoming, with warm greetings extended equally with her smile and twinkling eyes. 

“No matter what form you take, what world you inhabit, your eyes always twinkle,” Bloom’n whispered in admiration, gazing between her friend and the growing throng, then added, “And I’m very grateful for it always … but most especially at times like this, when Giant Barbarians and Werewolves approach!”   She tightened her hands around her sword.

Sage laughed softly, “They are friends, dear Bloom’n.  Small and powerful.  Mighty and invisible.” 

“Remember this and remember it well:  true fellowship includes many and takes many forms.”


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