Day 4 ~ The Fairelands Ring

Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands (details of Fairelands items and slurls after the pictures)







Fashion Details for items at the Fantasy Faire

  • ears (RFL item):  Elven Dragon ears by Drusilla Dethly of The Little Bat in Dangarnon
  • particles that I wear (RFL item):  Twinkle Faeries (purple) by ColeMarie Soleil of  Cole’s Corner in Lucentia
  • necklace:   Green Lizard NecklaceDragon Lariat by Zohee Goldshark of Zohee’s Mermaid Designs (ZMD) in The Golden Delta
  • crown:  Ophelia Crown by Apolonia Anatine of Mangomoon in Blackmoor
  • hair (RFL item):  Kai by MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills in The Golden Delta
  • outfit:   Sakura petal by Taiko McCaw of Naminoke in Echtra
  • poses:  Pamakhala (girl) by ROQUAI of ROQUAI poses in Echtra
  • Location:  Twilight Illusions (Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Eldowyn Inshan).
    SIM Sponsor Merchants of Dreams: United InshCon Eldowyn Inshan
    ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Sweetgwendoline Bailey

Day 4 ~ The Fairelands Ring

When you fall, the thundering winds drown out screams.

At least until the Fairelands ring.  Because when the Fairelands ring, the Fairelanders catch you.  And screams turn to tears of utter joy, tears brimming over with laughter.

chime bringgggg chim-a-chime ringgggg

Her body somehow rose in spite of the descent.  Gravity loosened its grip, somehow turning Bloom’n upright as the trees harrowingly rushed up past her.  Some unseen force somehow set Bloom’n on the ground, gently onto her feet.

chime bringgggg chim-a-chime ringgggg

“What the…,” Bloom’n gasped softly and surveyed her surroundings.  She flicked at terra firma under her sole as if she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Evening greeted the land.  Then suddenly, starlight gave way to a larger brightness.  But only a moment, until all at once a somber dark fell over the land.  Almost as if it had chased Bloom’n straight down from the sky.

She crouched low behind a thicket.  The Fairelands indeed ring, she thought and had long heard the tales of such happenings, only now she witnessed it to be true.  Its valour chimes like the sharp edges of well-hewn swords that glitter like starlight in battle. She secured her own long blade in its sheath across her back and with both hands free, creates an imperceptible spyhole in the bush.

Watching quietly, studiously.  Then she sees it.  A small void grows a mere few feet ahead, blanketing out the many RFL of Hope.  The Faireland chimes less often suddenly, falling prey to a growing, deafening silence.

“There,” Sage whispers from inside the thicket.  Bloom’n startles, then says, “Your ability to blend in puts Chameleons to shame.”

“Concentrate,” Sage urges unblinkingly.  “There…”  She points with her voice and slowly begins to reveal herself.  A low glow outlines her form, even brightens in intensity.  Yet somehow the void resolves into a deeper shade of black…somehow snarling its intent.

“Here we go,” Bloom’n says in hushed tones while the land itself rumbles as if in protest to the growing darkness.  She slides her long blade out from its sheath and readies herself.  She feels Sage being to vibrate.

Her arms and hands spread outright, Sage whispers an ancient mantra of the Eternals.   Particles of searing light grow with Sage’s chant, building and swirling until all at once they fly off of Sage’s hands into the darkness and cracks the void apart, casting Light and Stars to dance all around the RFL vendors of Hope, ringing chimes throughout the Fairelands and leaving in the Light’s wake the powerful meaning behind the Eternal incantation:





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