Rise Now, Glorious Fairelanders, Warriors All…RISE

Rise 1

Fantasy Faire 2016 Sims Open at 9 a.m. SLT 4/21…I’m so excited I posted a bit early!  Very wonderful and good friend Dale, the delicious Chocolate Muse, poses with me — thank you as ever, Dale!!

A swirling glow morphs into a misty updraft.

“‘Tis time,” the Pale White Elf whispers.  She moves her ombre gray eyes slightly and looks into the rich amethyst eyes belonging to the svelte and Richly Chocolate Muse next to her.  “True this,” the gorgeous Muse replies and nods her forehead, softly fluttering the petals along her floral crown.  “‘Tis time,” she echoes, smiling deeply.  The Pale White Elf smiles in return and then together, they rise.

They sing a call to arms, a song cradled in urgent love. Their voices now raised passionately aloft.  Song at once seducing and trumpeting the Purple Mists, an irresistible appeal to all who dare to hear and dare to care:

Ye of Passion, Ye of Soul

Ye Gladiators of Commitment, Ye Warriors of Known

Intertwined.  Interbeing.  Melded Together as One…

of Heart & Mind.  Of Spirit & Might…

Rise, Ye Mystical Ye Magical Fairelands, Rise…

Now Rise Faire Fairlands Rise!! and Together as One, Let Us…


Fantasy Faire 2016 slurls and urls




Sim Sponsor:  Roawenwood Searlait Nitschke
Sim Builder:  Balderdash Saiyge Lotus



Blackmoor (Lokii Violet).  SIM Sponsor:  .Arcadia. Lokii Violet
Fog snakes down the gaslit streets. Footsteps echo on the cobblestone but whether friend or foe approaches it is impossible to guess. Shadows loom in every corner as the bowels of the city wake up and the workings of another moonless night begin.


OtherSkin Kaleidos Resident*
DeBazaSphynx Soleil
Eccentric Ephemera Alexandra Rucker
Immateria Naenia Demina
Mangomoon Apolonia Anatine
Oak & Elm Emilly Orr
AutogenicA Fawkes Allen
Stargazer Creations Aggie Mactavish
.:Soul:. Lerochelle Destiny
*paper moon* Sohma Dix
Kismet Cierra Anatine
Senzafine Synjari Myriam
{POSH PIXELS} VampirePam Resident
Secrets of Gaia Rox Arten
Innsmouth ArikTheRed Resident
Opassande ArielleCantis Resident
Enchantment! Dumpydrawers Resident
Poseidon Gryphon Vendetta
*.:!Completely oBVious!:.* Baldur Darkwatch
: Lewd : Akasha Watchmann
Dark Passions Bcreative Wilde
Aii the Ugly & Beautiful PrincessAii
*Event Sponsor


Breeze (Kayle Matzerath).  SIM Sponsor:  Solarium Rynn Verwood & Encaitaron Korobase
A very bright and pastel watercolored village that harnesses the wind to turn it into magical energy.


Jinx Julala Demina
Belle Epoque Janire Coba
Living the FantaSea Corkie Houston
.: yo bailo :. yuuki Solo
**Tir Na Nog** siarl Shan
Wilds of Organica Aki Shichiroji
Fae Fantasy Creations Tamrielle Halderman
ChangHigh Yman Juran
Sister Fate* Petites Dax Dover
Polenth’s Mushporium Polenth Yue
The Cat and Fiddle/Callista’s Closet/Timeless Treasures/King’s Kitchen CallistaMarie Resident
Simply Shelby Shelby Olivier
Dysfunctionality Anke Hatchuk
Tiar Atiya Baar
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations kreao Kujisawa
Dinkies Etheria Parrott
Atomic Kitties Lauren Thibaud
Eternal Dream Fata Boa
Mistique Mahilwen Mistwalker

{Rook} Poses Nadia Voljeti


Bright Haven (Kilik Lekvoda).  SIM Sponsor KittyCatS! Callie Cline
A fairytale market town brimming with wonder, happiness and magic. A stroll down the cobble streets might see you breaking out in song accompanied by your woodland friends.
-Hanaya- Home & Garden Moriko Inshan
Challis Products Darmid Illyar
ThatChick Anastasia Domenici
Satyr Moon Vasa Vella
Kittycats Creations Kittycat Ninetails
Mermaid Treasure Boutique Theta Marseille
Titans Kilik Lekvoda
Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions Tayren Theas
Kaerri Kaerri Rae
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. Lolly Carlberg
Magnum Opus Jag Jetcity
Talevin’s Designs Talevin Whelan
Les Encantades Anouk HaikuSherwood Forest LTD AphroditeStarr Resident
~* Dream Things ~* Pia Uladstron
Designs by Isaura Isaura Simons
~ Mystic Sky ~ Skyler John
The Seamstress Geryn Sloane


Dangarnon (Jaimy Hancroft/Eowyn Swords).  SIM Sponsor Death Row Designs Jaimy Hancroft
Villains roam the cobbled streets of a fallen Andolys where evil rolled in and blotted out the light. Skeletons of what once was are all that remain. Rotting and crooked the stone houses and towers are a sad reflection of their former glory. Darkness hangs over the land like a heavy blanket suffocating any ray of light. But even here, in all this blackness a shimmer of hope has managed to hide and survive, a tiny piece of what once was this magical place still lives within these dead walls. Perhaps all is not lost yet…
Storybook Vix Nirvana*
The White Armory Bee Dumpling*
Poet’s Heart Irina Strazytski
Bite & Claw Graea Resident
The Forge Deccan Arida
E.V.E Noke Yuitza
The Dark Fae Corvi Ashdene
Zyn Zyndyrr Resident
The Little Bat Drusilla Dethly
7 Deadly s{K}ins Izara Zuta
.HollyWeird. DeannaNastie13 Resident
Nephilim NephilimReborn Resident
Attitude is an Artform Hecta Demina
Unrepentant Jalynne Ohmai & Nicolias Sadoul
OXIDE Ziggurson Resident & Zuleicca Resident
Luftmensch Hephaesteon Resident
*Event Sponsor

Malfience is the world for The Fairelands Quest: The Tale of Exiles.The blessed realm of Belfience was once an idyllic home to a multitude of peoples: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Mer, and Dragons. All shared the beauty and bounty of the land, prospering together in peace and harmony.But the Unweaver saw their joy, and hated it, and set about to destroy it utterly.Through sly deceits and trickeries, the Unweaver’s minions sowed doubts in the minds of Bellefience’s rulers, and their wisdom abandoned them. The steady drip of poison spread slowly, then faster and faster, hardening the hearts of each people against the others, until cruel war blazed and consumed the realm.Facing certain death, many fled in haste with few possessions, forsaking their homes and a land now sick and blasted, its beauty ruined. Those who remained – wary and grim, huddled into separate enclaves yet determined to hold onto hope – renamed the realm Malfience, for the evil that had been done there.The former Belfience is far distant from the Bard Queen’s realms, and their peoples have known little contact; none in recent memory. And so the Bard Queen was astonished and alarmed to see a flood of desperate, grieving exiles wash up on her shores – people for whom nothing will ever again be the same.Resolving to help, she draws together those realms hosting the exiles into the Circle of the Fairelands, and sends forth her emissary to speak with the exiles and learn of the ill fate that befell them.It becomes clear that this quest is as difficult and dangerous as can be imagined. To repair the evil wrought by the Unweaver, the emissary must find a way not only to brave the deadly perils of Malfience, but also to heal the hearts of peoples torn asunder by war.


Tinkers Hollow (Mayah Parx).  SIM Sponsor Epic Toy Factory  Mayah Parx
If you had the power to create anything you thought, what would you think? And if every thought you thunk took form, where would you store all the stuff? Welcome to Tinkers Hollow. The eclectic trappings of an unusual mind filled with everything from toys and cards to gears and cogs. Who knows what might appear?
Yasum Design Azlyn Vaher*
ND/MD Alea Lamont
Analog Dog Hair Queue Marlowe
Rivendale lrriven Resident
Bad Katz Katz Republic
Epic Jade Winthorpe
Stone’s Works Darkstone Aeon
~Lantian/Flox~ Wyvern Dryke
Whimsical Wonders/Winry’s Whimsey Winry Carver
Jenara Jennylynn Capalini
Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations Zevyah Resident
VH Voidheart Mistwalker
c*C*c Kamo Resident
ChiC buildings Chic Aeon
*Event Sponsor

Published by Michele Hyacinth

A child in the wild blue yonder...full blooded woman with the power just to be. ~ John Haitt

2 thoughts on “Rise Now, Glorious Fairelanders, Warriors All…RISE

  1. Reblogged this on Dale Innis’s Weblog and commented:

    Which is to say, FANTASY FAIRE TIME! 🙂 The FF is one of those things that I love SL has, and that (especially when I’m enjoying one of those lingering RL “head cold” things) I’m glad lots of people besides me actually do. As always, v good friend Michele has extensive and unique reporting on the event, with lots of great pictures and links and things. Be more energetic than me, and experience it all! 🙂

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