I’m an Eve


I am a mystic.  A witch who chases to know and celebrate the soul and spirit and the truth of each, unique, amazing person. Yes, I am an Eve.  On this Hallowed of Eves.  This Eve of Halloween.

Gaze to me.  Gaze for me.  Oh let my gaze enter yours.  Because I’m an Eve on the brink of Discovery.  On the whisper of Possibilities.   On the Promise of What Could Be and What Shall Be.

So, tell me, fair one.  You, there.  You.  With that look of surprise in your eye.  You, as you read my words.  You, as you hear my intention and spirit.  You, as you feel your own heart’s purpose.  So do tell me, Fair One, You.  What Shall Be?  What, indeed, Shall Be?

On this Hallowed of Nights.  On this Hallowed of Eves.  On the Eves of Possibilities.  Candy or no sweets at all.  Tell me true.  Tell me so.  Tell me precisely because … I am an Eve.


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