Day 6 ~ Magic Everywhere

A Look from the Fairelands


We have arrived — so otherworldly fast! — at the mid-spring point of the Fantasy Faire.  And evenso, magic still abounds, both in the days that came before and the days yet to come.  This post will be just as speedy because there’s so very much more to see and experience and do in these magical sims, in magnificent fellowship with like-minded and like-hearted grand souls who are the Fairelanders!






Fashion details and slurls

100% of each RFL vendor item purchase goes to the fight to eradicate cancer.  My apologies if I don’t always list which items are RFL vendor items.  I’ll try my best to get that information when it’s not available …Not all review packs indicated the RFL items…everyone is moving fast and furious and that is wonderful!  

  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Ears:  gargoyle ear-‘beastly’ from Tiffy Vella of Eclectica
  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Horns (RFL item):  Sea Kelp Horns  in purple from Zyndyrr of Zyn
  • Ichie-Go Ichie-E sim.  Circlet (RFL item):  StarGazer Diadem in lavendar from Zyndyrr of Zyn
  • Vallacia sim.  Skin (female): alpha.tribe::: “Redoute” female skin (lovely) unisex avatar and ensemble from Alpha Auer of the alpha.tribe
  • YoZakura sim.  Silks (RFL item in the blue colorway):  Tatsu Silk shown in purple from Kinu Mayako of Sakide
  • YoZakura sim.  Collar (RFL item) from:  “K’aalogii” dress in Onyx by Mami Jewell of AZUL
  • Aurora sim.  Necklace (RFL item):  EF: Pikorua Necklace Exclusive for RFL
  • Aurora sim.  Stacked gold bracelets (RFL vendor item in light gold):  Dragonborn by Noke Yuitza of Alegria

Fantasy Faire 2015 slurls and urls

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