Day 3 ~ Magic is Here

A Look from the Fairelands


The Fairelands continue to bustle with the mighty and wonderful deeds of Warriors from all cultures, kinds, and worlds.  I’ve flown through various parts of the Fairelands this morning and now I’m dancing at the Poppetsborough sim, a countryside made up entirely of paper and a place where Relayers currently dance to stop the advance of mysteriously appearing burnt holes.  We are waging battle through magical dances and the power of Lindens and so far are holding the enemy at bay.  If you’re in the Fairelands and see this before the event ends, come on in to Poppetsborough and join the cause!   Meanwhile, details and slurls for these wonderful items follow after the many pictures in this post!








Fashion details and slurls  

100% of each RFL vendor item purchase goes to the fight to eradicate cancer.  My apologies if I don’t always list which items are RFL vendor items.  I’ll try my best to get that information when it’s not available …Not all review packs indicated the RFL items…everyone is moving fast and furious and that is wonderful!  

  • YoZakura sim.  Unicorn (RFL item):  Silver Dapple unicorn (bareback) from White Oak Equines (comes with HUD and saddle versions)
  • Sylvan of Spells sim.  Dress (RFL item): GF Dryad mesh dress from Tattoo Lane of Goddess Fantasies
  • TBI sim.  Horns :  RFL Velvet rose horns from Emilly Orr of Oak & Elm
  • Tangleshimmer Grove sim.  Necklace and Circlet (RFL items, I think but am not sure):  Mesh Lil Leaves Necklace and Simplicity Lesser Circlet both from Anastasia Domenici of That Chick
  • Aurora sim.  Earrings (RFL item):  “Aesculap” from OtherSkin
  • Spires of Andolys sim.  Hair comb and sandals (RFL item, I believe):  “Soleil” by Plurabelle Laszlo Bliensen + MaiTai
  • Spires of Andolys sim.  Wings:  in Sayuri (apple) from Pryda Parx of Faeline Fairy.  (These wings are amazing and can go from tiny to mega huge!)
  • Tangleshimmer Grove sim.  Hair:  “Sola”  in light blondes from Analog Dog

Fantasy Faire 2015 slurls and urls


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