She was (a Fictional Moment 14)

From the corner of her eyes, she captured it.  Snagged right out of the air, that slow motion dance of disregard pulled into the urgency of the now.  From the corner of Bloom’n’s eyes she witnessed it.  A hand.  Twirling a small rectangular object deftly between fingertips.  Edging the corner between bicuspids and eye teeth.  Flicking the cardboard sentiment straight into some circular file in some corner of some distant place.  Yeah.  Total disregard for the status quo.  He used his business cards as toothpicks.  Bloom’n sighed between her eyes and thought, “damn!  That’s HOT!”


Only 4 days remain to explore the 6 sims of Burn2!  I’m several days late for this event and haven’t yet journeyed through all the wonderful exhibits, but I’ve done the next best thing…did a fashion shoot in the sims and as luck would have it, fell into a nearby Burn2 lamplighter dance.  Get this cool outfit in this post if you like and your fire batons and make sure to head down to see The Man and the great exhibits before it all goes up in smoke until next year!  Details and slurls after the pics.





Location, Fashion Details, & Slurls:

  • Location:  Burning Man Jade
  • Top:  “Isa” jacket from Berta Avro of Severed Garden
  • Leggings (2nd picture):  “Terry” (comes with color changing hud) from Berta Avro of Severed Garden
  • Shoes: “WEKY” (with color changing hud) from Berta Avro of Severed Garden
  • Necklace:  “Enchantment mountain rock” (with color changing hud) from Tiffy Vella of Eclectica
  • Earrings:  “Enchantment river pebble” (with color changing hud) from Tiffy Vella of Eclectica

She was (a Fictional Moment 13)

Yeah, she opened her eyes.  And saw a long scream hurtling down on a path, careening headlong for her.  It was a locomotive breath, that scream.  Churning and burning and all pulsing pounding filled with raging staccato.  It nearly ran Bloom’n over, and could’ve.  If she had let it.  But she didn’t.  Bloom’n stood up to that locomotive scream instead.  With eyes wide open, she stood up.  And she listened.