She was (a Fictional Moment 10)

“You say that — all that ‘I am a girl‘ pronouncement -” Bloom’n waved her hands about, then continued, “like I’m supposed to be shocked or something.”

“Well, aren’t you?” Hazard replied without missing a beat.

Excuse me?!”  Her back climbed up her spine and pitched itself onto her neck.  Her shoulders felt heavy from the weight of her indignation, but Bloom’n wasn’t about to give in to the kid.  No matter how much her shoulders complained.

“Look.  I know you hate labels.  That’s what we’re doing here today…duh!  Plotting against Hello Day!  And I hear you on that one.”  Hazard paused briefly, scanning over her shoulders to spot the waitress clear out of range.  Sprocket may as well have been out of range too.  He sat frozen, like a stature.  Bloom’n followed the kid’s gaze to him.  She had half a mind to dump a pitcher of water on him, but she let the idea pass.  He freezes in tough situations.  Bloom’n knows this.  While she prefers to bulldoze ahead.  It’s been the main problem in their relationship – whatever that relationship is.

“But,” Hazard continued.  Her voice pierced the balloon of Bloom’n’s observations about Sprocket.  “You always do this, Bloom’n.  Is it that you hate labels so much that when it comes to me, you can’t even define me?  What is up with that?  You mean to tell me you don’t even know who I am?’


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