Long Shadow

I’m late on this, I know.  There’s only a few days left to pick up these items from Pixicat (a brand I’m increasingly drawn to) and Fashionably Dead.  But it’s well worth rushing there over the long weekend to do just that before the items change out to a new set.  Grab the ride to Collabor88 this holiday weekend and pick up these wonderful finds.  (By the way, my hair is looking like this in the atomic world.  Humidity and volume and curls, anyone?!  Now if only I had this dress and gladiator sandals in the atomic world too!)





Fashion Details

Dress, boots, and hair at Collabor88 until September 8th!

  • Dress:  Gladiator Dress  – Red  by Areve of Pixicat
  • Boots:  Gladiator – Red  by Areve of Pixicat
  • Hair:  Immortal – Light Ombre 3 by Toast Bard of fashionably dead
  • Skin:  Angelica – India 10 E by Aida Ewing of Glam Affair

Hot August Delight

Summer is wrapping up at the hints of Fall and at the same time, so very far from laying down for its slumber.  Instead, this Hot August brings delightful items rich in color, texture, and fashion.  Check out these gorgeous finds from these amazing artists:  the ever talented Tiffy Vella of Eclectica, Vextra Messing of Vextra, and Poulet Koenkamp of Purple Moon.  These beautiful creations they’ve made are all lovely to view…and even more lovely to own.  Slurls follow after the pics.







Fashion details

  • Dress (pic 1):  “Strapless Nights” in Siesta by Vextra Messing of Vextra
  • Shoes (pic 1):  “Blenheim Stiletto Shoe” in blue by Tiffy Vella of Eclectica Jewelry & Accoutrements
  • Poses:  by WetCat Flux of WetCat
  • Dress (pic 2):  “Brandy Dress in Turquoise/Black” by Poulet Koenkamp of Purple Moon
  • Shoes (pic 2):  “Blenheim Stiletto Shoe” in gold by Tiffy Vella of Eclectica Jewelry & Accoutrements


The Dark Unseelie

I love this dress…this *entire* look.  That is all.  Slurls at the end.  Get yours…now!  (I am typically not overly fond of mesh garments — because they are not overly fond of my curves and I hate the thought of having to disappear! — but I have to say I lurve this dress!)




Fashion Info & Slurls

  • Hair:  [Gauze] Unseelie – Popularity by Yukio Ida of Gauze
  • Dress:  The Dark Dress (s) by Areve of Pixicat
  • Arm bands: The Dark Metal Armband by Areve of Pixicat
  • Shoes:  Riverton Sandal – Moonglow by Eboni Khan of Hucci
  • Feet:  Female Feet (AvEnhance)  High by Siddean Munro of Slink 
  • Skin:  Eleonor  in chocolate by Hlin Bluebird of al vulo
  • Eyes: Shattered – Seduce by Soleil Reid of Dead Apples

She was (a Fictional Moment 10)

“You say that — all that ‘I am a girl‘ pronouncement -” Bloom’n waved her hands about, then continued, “like I’m supposed to be shocked or something.”

“Well, aren’t you?” Hazard replied without missing a beat.

Excuse me?!”  Her back climbed up her spine and pitched itself onto her neck.  Her shoulders felt heavy from the weight of her indignation, but Bloom’n wasn’t about to give in to the kid.  No matter how much her shoulders complained.

“Look.  I know you hate labels.  That’s what we’re doing here today…duh!  Plotting against Hello Day!  And I hear you on that one.”  Hazard paused briefly, scanning over her shoulders to spot the waitress clear out of range.  Sprocket may as well have been out of range too.  He sat frozen, like a stature.  Bloom’n followed the kid’s gaze to him.  She had half a mind to dump a pitcher of water on him, but she let the idea pass.  He freezes in tough situations.  Bloom’n knows this.  While she prefers to bulldoze ahead.  It’s been the main problem in their relationship – whatever that relationship is.

“But,” Hazard continued.  Her voice pierced the balloon of Bloom’n’s observations about Sprocket.  “You always do this, Bloom’n.  Is it that you hate labels so much that when it comes to me, you can’t even define me?  What is up with that?  You mean to tell me you don’t even know who I am?’