She was (a Fictional Moment 6)

Everything Happens for a Reason ~ Hello Day Hologram Greeting Company  

A thin young man in a dirty striped tee and ultra skinny skinny jeans grazed past them, sporting a snippet of Hello Day “realism” above his half-shaved head…the face of which revealed a zombie-expression and what looked to be an infestation of nose-rings and eyebrow piercings.

It is what it is…whatever it is! ~ Hello Day Hologram Greeting Company  

Giggles sprinkled the air, leading the arrival of this particular over-head Hello Day.  Soon afterward, a bubble blonde with giant man-made boobs managed to breeze past Bloom’n and Sprocket without toppling forward or knocking either Bloom’n or Sprocket over.

“Impressive,” Bloom’n muttered, duly noting how the bubble blonde’s wildly absurd proportions seemed to defy the laws of physics.  And also distract attention away from her Hello Day message!  Talk about effective messaging…a fact that didn’t escape Bloom’n’s attention.  Or apparently his either.  She glanced at Sprocket, who stood riveted in place, gaping at a whole other set of reasons.  She smacked his arm.  Hard.

“Wha-!  What? ,” he jumped modestly.  “Hey…hey now.  Don’t get started, now.”

“Yeah, well, get a hold of yourself.”

“Wouldn’t I like to,” he muttered.  He turned his attention back to the prancing blonde.  His eyes slumped half closed but remained fully glued onto the science project that bounced along in a tight tank and shorts.  Bloom’n rolled her eyes and shook her head, then focused again on the crowd and an endless smattering of laser Hello Day cliches.

Chokers, as jewerly accessories, were big again.   They contained the Hello Day technology that created the over-head holograms, turning  consumers who identified with anything that smacked of Me Too! into the giant corporation’s own walking billboard.   If ever Bloom’n needed reminding of the importance of her crusade, all she need do was open her eyes.  The city reeked of the greeting company’s brand wrapped with a bow of drivel.

Rock Star Daddy, Goddess Mommy, Godlike Child, Happy Dog, Grumpy-Cuddly Cat, Cheerful Fish, Extravagant Purchases on Board!  Sucks to be you! ~ Hello Day Hologram Greeting Company

Don’t Sweat It!  Life is a Constant Party! ~ Hello Day Hologram Greeting Company

“Is all of this supposed to cure insecurities?  Or cause them?” she asked absent-mindedly.  Sprocket grunted.  The prancing blonde had disappeared into a sea of holograms.  Bloom’n half wondered if Hello Day had a message to cure Sprocket’s disappointment.  Probably.  Probably a painfully stupid one, she decided.

Hug a Tween!  It’s Tween Appreciation Day!  ~ Hello Day Hologram Greeting Company

Instant Gratification Can’t Come Soon Enough! ~ Hello Day Hologram Greeting Company

On and On and On and On and oh my gosh hyperventilating on until suddenly by sheer volume, the messages all blurred together.

This has to be stopped,” Bloom’n snarled first, then swiped at the spaces between her and Sprocket — all while glaring around them at the sea of Hello Day Hologram Greeting Cards that bobbed and floated and careened above all variety and sizes of the heads on just about every Special Day Special YOU! person on the street.  Bloom’n figured the two-block radius alone had to be closing in on thousands of these absurd feel-good I GOT LIFE MORE RIGHT THAN YOU DID advertisements polluting her retina.

“Can you even believe any of this?” she stared at Sprocket who shrugged, looked around the area lazily, rested a couple fingertips along the edge of his jeans pockets and shifted his weight.

“Why does it bother, you Bloom?  It’s just the way things are.  No one’s hurting anyone.  Just a sign of the times.”

“yeah…exactly the last thing you said, Sprocket.  Signs of the time –” she gazed away half annoyed  — why does he accept these things so willingly?  As if there is no other choice or way? — and then she saw it.  The mother-fucker message of all mother fucker messages.  She froze in place, staring.  Her blood ran cold.  Until she read those words, with weight and deliberateness:

“If someone’s not in your life, there’s a reason why.” ~ Hello Day Hologram Greeting Company

She bit her lip.  Tears welled in the corners of her eyes and filled her heart.  Not from the bite of her lip, but from the incredibly long-lasting bite in those unaware moments, those innocent uninformed youthful choices of all those lo so many years ago.

She knew now all these years later.  She knew those reasons why oh so painfully now.  All of them — and all of them boiling down to one ultimate reason.  You weren’t brave enough to fight for being in someone’s life.  You let Life to run its course, with you as a spectator…passively watching  time and circumstances move people away because you gave up your own power and your own conviction.  You gave up listening to your own heart.   And why?  Because of all the reasons that give birth and traction to personal insecurity.  Plain and simple.  Complex and complicated.  But at its essence, the truth, simply this.

Fear.  So much easier to say “I can’t do anything about it.”

Well that was all about to change.





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