She was (a Fictional Moment 4)

They paused for a second.  The day was hazy hot.  The kind of day that bullied the lungs.

She was leading them somewhere to do something, but had lost the way for a moment.  Never to admit that to him.  Still…she figured he knew.  But she bided for time by studying the eruptions of high rises and humanity around them.  The street was dirty.  The air gritty.  The city life teaming.   Eventually, Bloom’n gazed up into Sprocket’s pale blue eyes.  They had been nearly penetrating her or something.  And they hadn’t flinched, not an inch…not even when she had caught them in the act of staring at her.  It’d be a cliche to say his eyes were dreamy, so she didn’t say it.  Not even to herself.  But they were deep.  They had seen things.  And they weren’t telling.  Except for one thing she sensed they wanted to tell, and tell her specifically.  If only she would listen.

She thought about it.

She smiled.

She ran away from herself all while standing still in place, locked into his unbending gaze.

She eventually said in a bare whisper that she hardly heard herself, “When You Are Different…”  She stopped.

Because she realized in that moment that she was talking about herself *to* herself.  And there he was.  Right in front of her.  Waiting to hear.  Waiting to be heard.  But could he really understand.

And more to the point…was she really that brave?


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