She was (a Fictional Moment 5)

Was she brave enough to be vunerable…

Bloom’n shook her head slightly and then turned her lips down.

“Here’s the thing,” she said in a voice from some other context in some other time.  “There’s an organization I just want to tear down.  Completely down.  All the way to the ground.”

Her eyes flared as she spoke.  She pumped her fist down in the air for effect.  Yeah.  She had climbed into her winning story and intended to stay there as long as necessary.

“Is this about being right,” Sprocket said.  He shrugged, as if unimpressed by such a pursuit, which just made her huff even more.

“No, Sprocket,” she bit at the words.  “No.  It has nothing to do with being right…UNLESS being right means exposing LIES.  This company LIES.  And it ruins LIVES.”

“Yeah?  Well, who are we on the warpath with here?”

“Hello Day!”

He clapped together his eyelids.  A few times.  Then chortled as if in surprise.  Then tossed his hands in the air to catch the moment and nearly swatted inadvertantly at a line of people passing by on all sides of them.

“Hello Day?” he repeated, asked and answered.  “The greeting card company?  THAT’s what this is all about?”

“As a matter of fact…well, yes,” Bloom’n confirmed.

Sprocket gazed.  Whether he intended to or not, he locked Bloom’n squarely into the center of his gaze and threw away the keys.  Whether she admitted it to him or even herself or not, Bloom’n liked being in that place.  Squarely in the center of Sprocket’s attention.  Oh but…God, she despaired silently.  It’s all so my god so…Hello Day!

“Yes,” Bloom’n huffed.  “Precisely.”


She was (a Fictional Moment 4)

They paused for a second.  The day was hazy hot.  The kind of day that bullied the lungs.

She was leading them somewhere to do something, but had lost the way for a moment.  Never to admit that to him.  Still…she figured he knew.  But she bided for time by studying the eruptions of high rises and humanity around them.  The street was dirty.  The air gritty.  The city life teaming.   Eventually, Bloom’n gazed up into Sprocket’s pale blue eyes.  They had been nearly penetrating her or something.  And they hadn’t flinched, not an inch…not even when she had caught them in the act of staring at her.  It’d be a cliche to say his eyes were dreamy, so she didn’t say it.  Not even to herself.  But they were deep.  They had seen things.  And they weren’t telling.  Except for one thing she sensed they wanted to tell, and tell her specifically.  If only she would listen.

She thought about it.

She smiled.

She ran away from herself all while standing still in place, locked into his unbending gaze.

She eventually said in a bare whisper that she hardly heard herself, “When You Are Different…”  She stopped.

Because she realized in that moment that she was talking about herself *to* herself.  And there he was.  Right in front of her.  Waiting to hear.  Waiting to be heard.  But could he really understand.

And more to the point…was she really that brave?

She was (a Fictional Moment 3)

“Always in a hurry,” he muttered.

She sensed some level of mild irritation.   Just about felt it run down into his thighs, press onto his knees, and crash all the way into the length of his feet.   Suddenly, Sprocket gained traction:  first with Bloom’n…which, truth be told, moderately alarmed her but she fought to conceal both his effect on her as well as her alarm.  And second, he gained traction really against the earth, which is when Sprocket also gained massive stride.  In no time at all, he walked with her, at her side.  Level and even.  And perhaps even more — but she concealed that well and for his seemingly unaware part, Sprocket had even slowed down the pace a touch or two, she had noticed.  So she could keep up with him.  Bloom’n swallowed hard but couldn’t help but also notice that he had been nice enough not to point out the whole who was keeping up with who thing.

She smiled.  Bloom’n liked Sprocket.  Alot.  No matter what her issues were with independence.

“Yeah, well,” she said after a brief moment’s dance with her ever elusive independent streak, “there’s a whole big world out there.”

Bloom’n tilted the top of her head as if it were an arrow and pointed slightly ahead at some unseen horizon way, way, way past the explosion of high rises that coupled up onto each other all around them like a riot fest crowd crashing and nearly brawling down the street.  One after another after another after another after after after.  There was no end to the obstructions in front of them, the sea of life and humanity and fragility and being and masquerading right there in front of them, but somehow Bloom’n sought out an ever moving, out of reach horizon.

Most of the time she had a striking feeling that her “whole big world out there” was right in here with her all along.  She shuddered and couldn’t say why she did…so she never talked about it.  Besides, Sprocket never asked.

“Yeah,” he answered.  He nodded his head in what she took to be a “here we go again” kind of way.   Blinked his eyes lazily.    Pushed up the sleeves of his shirt.  “Yeah.  There sure is,” he said.  He shortened his stride just a hair or two again, she had noticed.  Almost calculatingly so.  Enough until the well worn toe of her mountain boot met his.


She was (a Fictional Moment 2)

She cut a profile in movement, Bloom’n did, with her hair trailing back as if to whip up a giddy-up at the soles of her well weathered mountain boots.  And her mind pressed forward while her hand palmed itself back and let loose all that had gone before in her world.   They were late, despite herself.  She rarely paused.  Or if she did, she’d never let anyone in on those moments.  Lord knows, he had tried to crash her momentum, slow her down, or otherwise derail her from her intention.  She wasn’t sure what he wanted at all.  And at the same time, she knew he somehow wanted to contain her.  But that was then and this was now.  And for now, he had better hurry it up, she thought and dared pause to think to herself that if he didn’t light a fire under himself,  the moment would elude them both yet again.  She flicked a glance to her right.  Half annoyed.  Half alarmed but stole from it a moment of hope.  He had moved.  Not much.  Not much at all.  But enough.

Sprocket pulled at the end of an outrageously expensive cigarette — because they all were these days — before tossing it behind him.  Then he streteched his long legs out.  As if in chase of Bloom’n’s gate.

Fashion for Life – Gypsy Wife

Fashion for Life!!

Every event that raises dollars to battle cancer is an event I support.  Today, I ambled a bit, appropriately enough, in one of this year’s Fashion for Life sims, called “Amble.”

As usual, you’ll find lots of goodies at this year’s FFL, with nearly all of the purchases benefiting the American Cancer Society at some percentage level.  Items where 100% of the funds go to the battle to eradicate cancer always catch my eye and my heart.  I bought several of these today, starting with this comfy crop top and maxi flexi skirt set shown in this post from Bodza Blackadder of Living Imagination.  I could live in this outfit all summer.  You’ll want to as well.  Get your comfy on by heading to FFL Amble and pick yours up, along with the knowledge that 100% of this purchase goes to the fight to wipe out cancer.