She was (a Fictional Moment 5)

Was she brave enough to be vunerable…

Bloom’n shook her head slightly and then turned her lips down.

“Here’s the thing,” she said in a voice from some other context in some other time.  “There’s an organization I just want to tear down.  Completely down.  All the way to the ground.”

Her eyes flared as she spoke.  She pumped her fist down in the air for effect.  Yeah.  She had climbed into her winning story and intended to stay there as long as necessary.

“Is this about being right,” Sprocket said.  He shrugged, as if unimpressed by such a pursuit, which just made her huff even more.

“No, Sprocket,” she bit at the words.  “No.  It has nothing to do with being right…UNLESS being right means exposing LIES.  This company LIES.  And it ruins LIVES.”

“Yeah?  Well, who are we on the warpath with here?”

“Hello Day!”

He clapped together his eyelids.  A few times.  Then chortled as if in surprise.  Then tossed his hands in the air to catch the moment and nearly swatted inadvertantly at a line of people passing by on all sides of them.

“Hello Day?” he repeated, asked and answered.  “The greeting card company?  THAT’s what this is all about?”

“As a matter of fact…well, yes,” Bloom’n confirmed.

Sprocket gazed.  Whether he intended to or not, he locked Bloom’n squarely into the center of his gaze and threw away the keys.  Whether she admitted it to him or even herself or not, Bloom’n liked being in that place.  Squarely in the center of Sprocket’s attention.  Oh but…God, she despaired silently.  It’s all so my god so…Hello Day!

“Yes,” Bloom’n huffed.  “Precisely.”