Day 9 – Disruptive Interlude

It was one of those days today.  I’m plum out of time for getting a fashion post up, but I will double up on the posts in the remaining days of the Faire to cover the full 11 days.

It’s Day 9 already and the evening of it yet.  If you’ve been to the Fairelands you know how gorgeous they are.  If you haven’t, you really should go.  They are truly wonderful.  Just like everyone involved, from the organizers, creators, event planners, Paws of the Law to all of you.  Here are just a couple photos of only a small “some of the places” of the vast and wonderful Fairelands.

Blackwater-Glenn Blackwater-Glenn2 demonness-on-bridge ff-Palace-of-Tears ff-Palace-of-Tears-2 ff-Palace-of-Tears-3 ff-Sanctum-stairway-to-heaven Sanctum


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