Day 3 – Unzipped Warrior

Fantasy Faire 2014 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands


When I landed at the Asperatus sim of the Fairelands, I stood mezmerized and gaped at a Demonness and Demon who stood there dressed in such intricate armor and regalia.  I’ve been inworld since 2006, so I’ve seen alot, and yet I couldn’t stop staring at them.  Their look was utterly amazing.  I ended up confessing right there in local that I was staring at them, and it turns out these two very kind souls are the artists-creators of Unzipped, which can be found in the Asperatus sim.  We chatted for a long time.  I learned these inworld artists are also atomic world artists and the Demon outfits they wore had been handdrawn by them on a tablet, taking  a full year to be realized.  I hope to purchase the outfit for myself and when I do, I’ll show you.  The detail of their work is astounding.  These designers don’t box themselves into any genre.  They shared how they plan to create a Dark Angel down the road, and I can’t wait to see that.  We talked about a love of creatures and looks that combine fierce with kind, strong with gentle.  But trust me…you won’t be able to wait a year or even a minute to check out Unzipped.   They make amazing creations of such detail.  Knowing the items are hand made, a true labor of lovemakes you appreciate their work even more, if that’s at all possible.  Only because you can’t help but be incredibly wow’d by their work.  These designers are so truly talented and so very friendly, it’s a joy.

In this post, I show one of their RFL vendor offerings, their Fantasy Headdress and Collar (it also comes with the hair).  I took several photos as I wanted to be sure to showcase their work properly.  And I was mesmerized by it, again.  I pair their RFL offering  with the low-lag skin from GAUZE, which is free to everyone.  Look for a sign at each sim landing point for the free gifts, including this gorgeous skin set from GAUZE and TRAP.

Now…fly thee NOW to Unzipped and all of the stores.  The battle rages and we are Warriors All.  Fashion info and slurls follow.




Spring Warrior in  Dragon Koi skin from GAUZE

Fashion Info & Slurls

100% of the proceeds from RFL vendor sales goes to the fight to eradicate cancer.

  • Asperatus.  Headdress:  “Fantasy” headdress and collar from Destany Laval of Unzipped
  • All Sims.   Lowlag skin set:  from TRAP & GAUZE



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