Books by the Title

In a 140 character world, who needs 500 pages of text, when just a title tells the whole story.  Make of these what you will (and add any you like in the comments area):


  • A Girl, a Guy, and a Box of Leftover Pizza
  • Here, There…Weirdness Everywhere
  • A Little Dash of Dori — Bodysculpting the World
  • The Age of the Socially Sexual:  When Fingers do the Talking
  • Eh…Why the Fuck Not?
  • Twat This You Twit!
  • Go on…Twitter Off the Edge of Someplace!
  • Toast, Lunch, and all Things Existential
  • Spooning in the Curve of a Lima Bean
  • A Booth in a Paris Coffee Shop with its Heart on its Sleeve
  • Re-Undone
  • LOL while Lying Down
  • The Alphabet of Mass Destruction
  • Scandalously Normal
  • Planet Inertia
  • Hold the Sugar
  • Flex Your Creative Impulses (sounds like a how-to book)
  • JAWS:  All Snark All the Time Nothing But Snark
  • I Hope I Don’t Have a Problem