Bowed Court

Long-time friend and amazing talent Tiffy Vella of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements dropped her latest mesh shoe creation — “Bowed Court” — to me the other day.  I tend to walk around barefoot most of the time but “Bowed Court” really won me over.  These shoes are so gorgeous, I love them.  Take a closer look.  I show them in Dove Gray (probably my favorite colorway), Apricot, and Rich Green, respectively:

electica shoes dove gray

electica shoes apricot

electica shoes green

Tiffy shared how she designed Bowed Court to work with SLink’s medium mesh feet.  (She also provides info on this in a notecard along with a slurl to SLink).  I confess I still walk around in system feet, but I’ve been curious about SLink’s mesh feet, so I dashed over to their mainstore and made the purchase.  Bowed Court and SLink’s feet work so elegantly together.  So much so, they truly elevate each other.  Plus SLink provides probably the friendliest skin-matching HUD I’ve seen yet.    But if you’re like me and still amble about in system feet, the wonderful thing about Tiffy’s Bowed Court is that she designed them to work with system feet too.  And they really do.  That’s how I started wearing them and even then, these shoes immediately impressed me with their beauty.   Then when I paired Bowed Court with SLink’s mesh feet …well, they really knocked my socks off, so to speak.

If you like to be well-heeled, you really need these shoes.  Their rich brocade and gorgeous bow befit not only the Victorian Age, but truly any Age.  And any outfit, demure or modern.

electica wearing dove gray

a Mesh made in Heaven

Long-time friend and amazing artist Shenlei Winkler has always crafted quintessentially romantic gowns.  This was true more than six years ago when flexi ruled the grid.  And it remains true with the advent of all things mesh.  I still happen to be a fan of flexi.  The wonderful thing is that Shen takes the best of both flexi and mesh and creates these truly sublime pieces that have structure and somehow seem to breathe.

Take her latest creation “Grecian.”  Shen dropped it to me the other day and I think it’s the most spectacular, regal gown for the upcoming holiday season.

grecian front grecian side grecian back

Really Grecian is a stunner in any season.  The body of the gown is a beautiful mesh with the skirt made up of ethereal flexis that float beautifully.   Grecian comes with upper sleeves that are also flexi and can be worn with or without them.  Such a beautiful gown.   Head over to the marketplace where you’ll find Shen’s Debutante gowns.  Pick up yours and be unquestionably gorgeous.

  • Gown:  Grecian (in rose), mesh and flexi together from Shenlei Winkler of Debutante (now available on the marketplace)
  • Hair:   “Tyra” (in black) from Mirja Mills of EMO-tions
  • Jewelry:  “Eda” necklace, earrings from Zuri Lyric of Lazuri
  • Eyes:  “Utopia” in Pale Trojan from IKON Innovia of IKON
  • Poses:  LAP, Behavior Body