Donna Flora

The Love Donna Flora event continues through August 11th with a great many in our inworld community expressing such beautifully fierce love and support for Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora.   A very good friend reminded me that there are a number of ways to show how much we all care and to help in this oh so vitally important cause .  She then quite simply and quite directly pointed me to Squinternet’s main Donna Flora shop.

donna flora venice full front

donna flora venice back

donna flora venice shoes

donna flora venice hat

donna flora venice earring

How utterly right.  Talk about beauty made from abundant love.  With the same love and support entirely for you, Squinternet.

Squinternet Larnia’s beautiful items found at her Donna Flora shops:

  • Outfit:  “Venice”
  • Shoes:  “Wanna” in gold
  • Earrings (not including elf ears from Balderdash):  “Vivian”

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