I believe

Alot has happened since the transition from the old, blue screen seized tower (6-7 years) to the new, alienware sleek and slim tower (of just a few days).  A friend battled heart issues.  Another friend lost that battle and passed away.  A family member is in the midst of a fight with an enemy far too many of us know and thankfully all of us Relay against.

I believe.

Life is so precious.

It’s more than something of a miracle.

In the blink of an eye, we stand to miss so very much.

In the barrage of Hallmark Values, we stand to be blinded by glitter and overlook What Matters.

I believe we are unique and we are one, all at the same time.  And at the same time, time itself is merciless.  Time is the harshest of the task masters.  The harshest editor of any and every Book of Life.  In a blink, we morph, we change, we move into realms Unknowing…unknowing only to the point until we ourselves arrive.

To those who have gone before…in honoring their memory, I believe they are one with the universe.  The truth is perhaps we all are in every moment. But we just don’t seem to recognize it…not in every moment and not at the same time.  Or when it matters…like every second.

My entry for this week’s single frame story prompt “believe” is entitled “the answer is blowing in the wind.”

God bless you, all you wonderful souls.  God bless you, Adalia.  You weren’t given a fair roll of the dice in this life.  This is for you.

I believe

It’s not easy being green

Before my machine realizes that it’s cooperating and abruptly remembers to crash, here’s my entry for this week’s single frame story prompt “running scared.”  It’s entitled “it’s not easy being green”  Now excuse me while I run off quite scared of an impeding computer malfunction.

sfs running scared

Bathing Beauties

At this very moment, I live in a rare state….my machine is working.

I found some images I had taken a while back.  But my machine turned into the tazmanian devil some time ago and refused to allow them to see the light of day.   I think I know why.  Very wonderful friend Dale agreed to model with me.  We feature jewelry and we do so scantily clad.  (Jealous machine.)

I hope to find the fashion information and return here to post it, along with slurls, but in the meantime and while my machine is still being agreeable (or distracted I’m not sure which), I’ll just post the photos.  Here’s a topic…can scantily clad ever be too scanty or too clad?  Discuss.

bathing beauties2

Dale closeup


Dale and Michele

Donna Flora

The Love Donna Flora event continues through August 11th with a great many in our inworld community expressing such beautifully fierce love and support for Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora.   A very good friend reminded me that there are a number of ways to show how much we all care and to help in this oh so vitally important cause .  She then quite simply and quite directly pointed me to Squinternet’s main Donna Flora shop.

donna flora venice full front

donna flora venice back

donna flora venice shoes

donna flora venice hat

donna flora venice earring

How utterly right.  Talk about beauty made from abundant love.  With the same love and support entirely for you, Squinternet.

Squinternet Larnia’s beautiful items found at her Donna Flora shops:

  • Outfit:  “Venice”
  • Shoes:  “Wanna” in gold
  • Earrings (not including elf ears from Balderdash):  “Vivian”

Shrug This

For the current Single Frame Story prompt “stream,” I go on a bit of a pictorial rant about BIG DATA, the latest marketing buzz phrase that involves sifting through every grain of our digital stream to in effect box in identities and personalities.

I am not at all a fan of what Seth Godin calls “rearview window analysis,” which presumes the past will equal the future.  In fact BIG DATA insists upon a leaning backwards until it becomes an outright push down that slippery slope.   At least that’s my gut reaction to it.  And while I wanted to go on a text-based rant about BIG DATA (and maybe one day I still will), Seth Godin’s post on it says it better than I could.   (He also includes a link to a simultaneously fascinating and alarming NYT article on the intersection of BIG DATA and script writing.)   I really love the title of his post:  “Perhaps you could just make something awesome instead.”

The photo I created is far from awesome, but it reflects my feelings about this topic pretty well.  It’s entitled “Shrug This Lifestream.”

sfs stream Big Data Little Soul