I’m on a roll with my machine.  It’s holding up and fighting off the blue screen of buzz-kills.  So I must strike while the iron is hot!

And so I did.  I logged inworld today and ever delightful and amazingly talented friend Tiffy Vella dropped her latest creation to me.  Tiffy is the genius behind Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements…and in fact, she is the founder and owner.  It’s been such a privilege really to feature Tiffy’s creations.  She consistently creates such beautiful, feminine pieces that I just want to pile them all on together and gaze at them.  If you’re into the romantic or if you celebrate all things decidedly female, Tiffy’s creations are custom made for you.  Her latest creation, shown here, is called “Lotus.”

tiffy lotus

tiffy lotus 2

As has become her signature style, Tiffy’s ensembles come fully loaded with a color changing hud so you can change out the tones of the metals, the pearls, and the neckband.   She was one of the first to provide this feature and still does so, always in a clear and uncomplicated way.  That means a great deal.

The color choices for the pearl inlay are:  fern, pink, lilac, yellow.  For the metal and neckband, the choices are:  gold, silver, dark pewter (my favorite).   The first photo showcases the ensemble with fern pearl inlay and dark pewter metal and neckband.  In the second photo, the ensemble features yellow pearl inlay with the dark pewter metal and neckband.  In any windlight and with any attire, “Lotus” is just glorious…and utterly original.  You will not see any resemblance to this ensemble coming and going in your SL travels.  If you love being a woman and you love unique and gorgeous creations, fly thee over to Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements and pick up “Lotus,” a beautifully feminine ensemble complete with earrings, necklace, and rings.


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