By all appearances

My desktop has been seized by the blue screen lately but miraculously it is working at this moment (fingers crossed!).  Even if it had been working, I probably still would have been late for this past week’s Single Frame Story prompt “pot.”

But beyond that, I’m worried the machine is going to crash any minute so I’m going to make a hard segue here.  Hang on.

Check out the Single Frame Story weblog and flickr stream.  There’s such amazing creativity and viewpoints there.  It’s a great tribe that genuinely celebrates an open mind and diversity in views.  Share your amazing voice, too.  It’s so great to see the growing variety of entries and artists.

I’m late, I know but here’s my take on “pot”.  It’s entitled:  “Open Minds, Closed Tribes.”

Open Minds, Closed Tribes

It’s a sweeping generalization about a behavior that seems most prevalent in the atomic world.  (I use my inworld personas because, in all honesty, my atomic world wardrobe just doesn’t even come close to this.)


4 thoughts on “By all appearances

  1. Your experiencing the blue screen of death. Either your PC is overheating or your graphic card is kaput. I reckon it’s your graphic card but then again maybe a techie knows best.

    1. Ah thank you! Hard to say though and impossible for me to say because I don’t have the first clue about computers…they are wildly complex and incredibly wonderful.

  2. If you are in Windows, go into the Control Panel and find Administrative Tools. With in the tools is an Event Viewer. You’ll see the crashes listed in the events log and the errors and events leading up to them. That should give you an idea what part of the computer is failing.

    Use the free SpeedFans to see if some part if the computer is overheating. 50 to 60C is not a big problem 70C and over can be a problem.

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