I’ve been playing Dodge Ball with my desktop lately.  It hurls the “rock” of a blue screen driver error at me.  I duck.  It misses.  Until it doesn’t.

The past week or more that blue screen driver error message took me out and made sure I knew it by staring me in the face every time I tried to not only log in, but run the darn machine, period!  Today, I caught it sleeping.  The startup menu greeted me, I snuck in, and not only updated my graphics card driver but also the firestorm viewer.  Fingers crossed and with the machine still working (apparently bored with Dodge Ball), I logged inworld where I happened upon a singer and a club, both new to me.


I don’t usually feature live acts or clubs in this weblog, but I really enjoyed this today and wanted to share.  The talented artist is Gina Stella, one of those special variety who brings live singing and guitar playing inworld.   And she does it well.  Her vocal stylings come across as an old new friend.  While her voice invites you in and feels familiar (she reminds me at times of a few inworld artists), it’s distinctly hers, even while it’s nicely varied.    The stylish venue is Club Roca.  It’s a more than decent size club that feels like it plays host to a variety of events.  I crashed (but no blue screen driver error message, yay!) before I could snap a pic of the owner and the hostess, but suffice to say they were very welcoming and the fairly nice size crowd wonderfully relaxed and friendly.  Before I crashed, taking a fun set of female intan dances with me, I so wanted to snap a photo of an audience member who sat in a lawn chair in the center of the dance floor, enjoying Gina’s performance while everyone else danced around her.  It felt very Sunday-Holiday Weekend-Grill Party-ish, which was just great.  A friendly, eclectic group listening to a talented, nice performer in a fun, new club…a great way to spend a Sunday in July or any day in any month for that matter.  Check it out!   Gina Stella performs at Club Roca every Sunday at 2 pm SLT.  


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