More Love at Love Donna Flora

Fly, ride, tp, or sail on over to the Love Donna Flora event.  Any way that you want to get there, you’ll find it’s worth the getting.  Not only are the items wonderful, but even more — truly even more, the cause is phenomenal.

Such an incredible community, our virtual worlds and everyone in it.  No matter what, we pull together.  Helping and caring for each other, looking out for each other, celebrating each other…rowing together through the challenges and emerging even stronger for it.  Sail on strong, o Captains my Captains. Row on over to the Love Donna Flora event (slurl and fashion details below), and let’s create even more magic with this team effort.

donna chair_011

donna chair_002


Fashion Details – The ”Love Donna Flora” fundraiser

  • Hair: Hope with bangs in sky (pastel pack) from Azure Electricteeth of -LaViere-
  • Dress (mesh):   Giulia in BlueMelody from Monica Outlander of Miamai
  • Chair (with about 7 built in poses): Bendy chair in Chex from eku Zhong of Culprit Fine Furniture
  • Pose sets:   ”the 1920s,” “the 1930s” and “Ziegfeld’s”, respectively from Olaenka Chesnokov of  oOo Studio
  • Shoes:  Lauren D’Orsay in Flora Satin from Gospel Voom of [Gos]
  • Jewelry ensemble (not at the Love Donna Flora event):  “Rhapsody” in blue from Tiffy Vella of of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements

Love Donna Flora

Please participate in this incredibly wonderful and important event — the “Love Donna Flora” fundraiser — in support of Squinternet Larnia, Warrior, Creator, Beautiful Soul, Champion.


The perfectly named “Love Donna Flora” event opened on July 25th @ 12:01 AM and closes at midnight on August 11th.  More than 100 creators feature works especially for this event.  The proceeds go to Squinternet Larnia, the amazing and talented soul in our community who has delighted and dazzled all of us with her generous spirit and breathtakingly gorgeous Donna Flora creations.  Let’s return the favor to Squinternet by linking arms, hearts, and minds and helping her in this battle.   If any community can genuinely help it’s ours.  Please read the About tab on the Love Donna Flora website for more information about Squinternet’s battle and how you can make a genuine difference.




Fashion Details – The “Love Donna Flora” fundraiser

  • Hair:  “Hope” in platinum (blonde pack) from Azure Electricteeth of -LaViere-
  • Gown:  Sirina  Lace and Feather gown from Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaws
  • Pose sets featured:  “the 1920s,” “the 1930s” and “Ziegfeld’s”, respectively from Olaenka Chesnokov of  oOo Studio
  • Bracelets and earrings (not at the Love Donna Flora event):  Rhapsody in blue from Tiffy Vella of Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements

Brain storming

I’m late!

But that’s no excuse for rushing the post.  My machines and router are on the fritz and so I’ve grown impatient with things digital.  I’m not very adept at taking photos from my laptop, as odd as that may sound.  Just seems trickier to navigate.  And even if my desktop worked, I probably still would be late, to be honest.  I’m strapped for creativity lately, which is also why I don’t have a story to go with this image.  The title of this image is “Brain storming” and it’s my entry — tardy though it is — for this week’s (last week’s!) Single Frame Story prompt “original.”   I played with the idea of calling it “Slave to Ideas” or “When ideas rain they pour”…but brain storming really seemed to be the essence of it.   Okay, enough description.  See?  Creativity is eluding me…it’s always been a tease for me.

Brain storm


I’m on a roll with my machine.  It’s holding up and fighting off the blue screen of buzz-kills.  So I must strike while the iron is hot!

And so I did.  I logged inworld today and ever delightful and amazingly talented friend Tiffy Vella dropped her latest creation to me.  Tiffy is the genius behind Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements…and in fact, she is the founder and owner.  It’s been such a privilege really to feature Tiffy’s creations.  She consistently creates such beautiful, feminine pieces that I just want to pile them all on together and gaze at them.  If you’re into the romantic or if you celebrate all things decidedly female, Tiffy’s creations are custom made for you.  Her latest creation, shown here, is called “Lotus.”

tiffy lotus

tiffy lotus 2

As has become her signature style, Tiffy’s ensembles come fully loaded with a color changing hud so you can change out the tones of the metals, the pearls, and the neckband.   She was one of the first to provide this feature and still does so, always in a clear and uncomplicated way.  That means a great deal.

The color choices for the pearl inlay are:  fern, pink, lilac, yellow.  For the metal and neckband, the choices are:  gold, silver, dark pewter (my favorite).   The first photo showcases the ensemble with fern pearl inlay and dark pewter metal and neckband.  In the second photo, the ensemble features yellow pearl inlay with the dark pewter metal and neckband.  In any windlight and with any attire, “Lotus” is just glorious…and utterly original.  You will not see any resemblance to this ensemble coming and going in your SL travels.  If you love being a woman and you love unique and gorgeous creations, fly thee over to Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements and pick up “Lotus,” a beautifully feminine ensemble complete with earrings, necklace, and rings.

By all appearances

My desktop has been seized by the blue screen lately but miraculously it is working at this moment (fingers crossed!).  Even if it had been working, I probably still would have been late for this past week’s Single Frame Story prompt “pot.”

But beyond that, I’m worried the machine is going to crash any minute so I’m going to make a hard segue here.  Hang on.

Check out the Single Frame Story weblog and flickr stream.  There’s such amazing creativity and viewpoints there.  It’s a great tribe that genuinely celebrates an open mind and diversity in views.  Share your amazing voice, too.  It’s so great to see the growing variety of entries and artists.

I’m late, I know but here’s my take on “pot”.  It’s entitled:  “Open Minds, Closed Tribes.”

Open Minds, Closed Tribes

It’s a sweeping generalization about a behavior that seems most prevalent in the atomic world.  (I use my inworld personas because, in all honesty, my atomic world wardrobe just doesn’t even come close to this.)


I’ve been playing Dodge Ball with my desktop lately.  It hurls the “rock” of a blue screen driver error at me.  I duck.  It misses.  Until it doesn’t.

The past week or more that blue screen driver error message took me out and made sure I knew it by staring me in the face every time I tried to not only log in, but run the darn machine, period!  Today, I caught it sleeping.  The startup menu greeted me, I snuck in, and not only updated my graphics card driver but also the firestorm viewer.  Fingers crossed and with the machine still working (apparently bored with Dodge Ball), I logged inworld where I happened upon a singer and a club, both new to me.


I don’t usually feature live acts or clubs in this weblog, but I really enjoyed this today and wanted to share.  The talented artist is Gina Stella, one of those special variety who brings live singing and guitar playing inworld.   And she does it well.  Her vocal stylings come across as an old new friend.  While her voice invites you in and feels familiar (she reminds me at times of a few inworld artists), it’s distinctly hers, even while it’s nicely varied.    The stylish venue is Club Roca.  It’s a more than decent size club that feels like it plays host to a variety of events.  I crashed (but no blue screen driver error message, yay!) before I could snap a pic of the owner and the hostess, but suffice to say they were very welcoming and the fairly nice size crowd wonderfully relaxed and friendly.  Before I crashed, taking a fun set of female intan dances with me, I so wanted to snap a photo of an audience member who sat in a lawn chair in the center of the dance floor, enjoying Gina’s performance while everyone else danced around her.  It felt very Sunday-Holiday Weekend-Grill Party-ish, which was just great.  A friendly, eclectic group listening to a talented, nice performer in a fun, new club…a great way to spend a Sunday in July or any day in any month for that matter.  Check it out!   Gina Stella performs at Club Roca every Sunday at 2 pm SLT.