Loading Imagination…

This week’s Single Frame Story prompt — “creativity” — pushed me to the brink.   As one of the great mysteries, creativity evades capture and defies definition.    At the same time, it seems to flourish with some kind of structure…even if that structure belies the tangible and arrives on the wings of a sometimes fickle Muse.    But the other truth is that Magic permeates everything, particularly when we take a break from the routine of things and actively acknowledge the amazingness of life…including the process of artistic creation.  My process seems to challenge me to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.   I’m still working on that, but it’s really almost a forced-march at this point because as usual  I began with an idea that morphed into something else altogether.  So here I give to you my entry for the Single Frame Story prompt “creativity.”  It’s a semi-long way from what I originally envisioned (the constant is the login lifeline), but I’m pleased with it still.  It’s entitled “Loading Imagination.”

sfs creativity

If I’m not mistaken, SL10B launches Sunday so get your entries in today!  I can’t wait to view all of the wonderfully creative projects — including the imaginative works in the Single Frame Story exhibit — that so very many amazing and talented souls from our inworld community contributed to this event.  See you there!


4 thoughts on “Loading Imagination…

    1. Laughing!! I couldn’t resist and moreover, I could HEAR you in my head! :)) Now if only some of your artistic brilliance would rub off on me!

  1. I’m like you . . . what I end up with is often very different from where I start. Some people have the gift of not only being able to visualize an entire work in their mind’s eye, but also the skill to craft their vision in an external medium. My processes is more like collaborating with the emerging work itself. It’s as much about discovery as it is inspiration.

    1. That is an *incredible* gift…the ability to visualize the entire piece. I think that’s happened maybe one time for me. Maybe more like one-half a time for me. The *incredible* gift that goes along with your process of collaboration is one of really listening. *Really* listening. That’s no easy thing to do either! You do it beautifully and make it seem incredibly easy.

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