Sticks and Stones … Breaking the Fourth Wall

Just under the wire, here’s my second entry for the Single Frame Story prompt “wall” (extended over two weeks, this being the second of those two weeks, so get your posts in!).

I appear to be stuck on a concept, that of breaking the fourth wall.  This image captures my digital hand reaching into the digital world but from the vantage point of the atomic world.   It’s entitled “Sticks and Stones … Breaking the Fourth Wall.”

sfs wall sticks and stones

Shiny Beautiful Everyone and Everything

If you haven’t yet visited any of the 22 sims for SL10B, why the heck not?  As a co-owner, co-creator, co-collaborator in this world, you really must go and experience the celebration of the place and space that we all love so much.  We all put so much of ourselves into SL, and we share in that experience.  There’s no question we really do make it what it is:  outright amazing.

Word has it that the SL10B sims will remain open until June 29th.  The sims are still there…I just logged with v v wonderful friend Dale from the SL10B Beguile sim and the wonderful History Walk located there.   When you head there, be sure to take your photo with your year and post it to the SL10B History Walk group on flickr.  It’s really wild to walk down memory lane and remember so very much of the Wild Wild West of those early days before the Wild Wild West of these present days.

Not to be outdone, the generosity of the exhibitors is as amazing as the stories expressed in their builds.  SL10B Bear Island is loaded for bare (I couldn’t resist) with wonderful Linden Bears.  I picked up my “City Chic” av from 2006 (zomg!) and just for giggles I also picked up the Ruth av…because she made more appearances on the grid in the early years than all of us care to remember!  Yet now there is something entirely charming about her.   (The 2006 avis I believe are in the SL10B Beguile gift area.)

In SL10B Electrify, swing over to fashion house Ala Folie.  There you will find 9 free gifts if I’m not mistaken.  Count them:  9!  And they are all gorgeous.   Very very gorgeous and wonderful friend Dale models some of these beautiful items with me (featured in this post and over the next few days).   In this post, we also showcase the latest 60L “Manager’s Choice” outfit at Purple Moon, along with the 21000 member group gift from Purple Moon.  Just because these are incredible creations, and the generosity and massive talent in all of the entire SL community are both as important to celebrate as anything.

All of the fashion photos are taken in a wonderful relaxing beach home created by Dale, who has also created a series of masterfully low prim beach cottages and even a couple of urban lofts that will soon be available (unfurnished) in The Store of Dale Innis on the marketplace.  I have one and I absolutely love it!  Ride those slurls, hit the Marketplace, grab these gorgeous creations, head on out to any of the SL10B sims early and often through June 29th, and celebrate our world!  (Fashion information follows after the pics.)

PM Ala folie

PM members gift gown front

PM gift back

PM Ala folie jewelry

ala folie MANON and STAR

FIRST PIC:  Dale’s Outfit

  • dress and shoes: Amelie by Pixivor Allen of Ala Folie  (FREE AT SL10B ELECTRIFY)
  • hair:  Dark Mouse by Mouse Mimistrobell.  Dark Mouse isno longer inworld and this hair style possibly no longer available, although it might be on the marketplace!
  • skin: CinnaMinDora by Vrem Vaniva of VreMode

FIRST PIC:  Michele’s Outfit

  • dress:  Mellie Dress in White [MESH]and 60L Manager’s Choice by Poulet Koenkamp of Purple Moon Creations
  • hair: [e] Thrive – Red 10 by Elika Tiramisu  of [elikatira]
  • shoes: *GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes[V2] -crimson-  by Cerberus Noel of G Field


  • gown: :: PM :: Mina Gown (21000 members group gift) by Poulet Koenkamp of Purple Moon Creations
  • jewelry set: “Eda” (individual purchase of necklace, earrings, ring) by Zuri Lyric of Lazuri
  • hair:  Dark Mouse by Mouse Mimistrobell.  Dark Mouse isno longer inworld and this hair style possibly no longer available, although it might be on the marketplace!
  • skin: CinnaMinDora by Vrem Vaniva of VreMode

LAST PIC:  Dale’s Outfit

LAST PIC:  Michele’s Outfit

LOCATION:  Beach home by Dale Innis at The Store of Dale Innis on SL Marketplace.

The Fourth Wall

As is becoming tradition, I’m late with my entry for this week’s Single Frame Story prompt “wall.”   As is also becoming tradition, this week’s prompt pushed me to the edge.  Okay…pushed me against the wall.  There.   I said it.

All kinds of things are incorrect with my entry.  But you know what?  My internal editor is sitting in a big, cushy arm chair, with pillows all around her and her feet up on the coffee table while she lazily sips an ice tea.  My god, she’s actually laughing and shrugging as if to say “so what if it’s not quite – in fact at all – not quite nearly – anywhere near right?  Let it rip!”

Who is this woman.  I’m not entirely sure any more, but you know…maybe we actually grow when we let go of the need to control.   (Did my internal editor just wink at me after I wrote that?)

Here’s my entry.  I’m letting it rip.  It’s entitled “Breaking the Fourth Wall.”  And can I just say:  ARRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!  Creativity is HARD!  But it’s fun too.  Get your entries in.  Do it!

sfs wall 1


A while ago, Ziki Questi unveiled her perfect capture of this incredible SL10B build – “A’stra.”  Her travelogue of inworld destinations jars the mind, much like the photos she snaps of these magical places.  And yet.  I still find myself completely obsessed with A’stra.   I managed a couple of photos before crashing probably a dirty dozen times, this caused by the bawdy protest from a machine nearly as old as SL and upon which I forced the ultimate graphics performance levels.  Thank you trusty little tower for not imploding even if the noise you created made me believe you just might!  Still, it’s incredibly worth it to visit this build and put your settings to the test.  Your mind will be blown away when you check out A’stra on the SL10B Impressive sim.   It’s simply a ridiculously, incredibly amazing achievement!!  (I’m going back in…so if you happen to see me there, please ducttape me to the build!)

A'stra SL10B

Loading Imagination…

This week’s Single Frame Story prompt — “creativity” — pushed me to the brink.   As one of the great mysteries, creativity evades capture and defies definition.    At the same time, it seems to flourish with some kind of structure…even if that structure belies the tangible and arrives on the wings of a sometimes fickle Muse.    But the other truth is that Magic permeates everything, particularly when we take a break from the routine of things and actively acknowledge the amazingness of life…including the process of artistic creation.  My process seems to challenge me to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.   I’m still working on that, but it’s really almost a forced-march at this point because as usual  I began with an idea that morphed into something else altogether.  So here I give to you my entry for the Single Frame Story prompt “creativity.”  It’s a semi-long way from what I originally envisioned (the constant is the login lifeline), but I’m pleased with it still.  It’s entitled “Loading Imagination.”

sfs creativity

If I’m not mistaken, SL10B launches Sunday so get your entries in today!  I can’t wait to view all of the wonderfully creative projects — including the imaginative works in the Single Frame Story exhibit — that so very many amazing and talented souls from our inworld community contributed to this event.  See you there!

Reap what you sow

Evie’s new general release “Demeter” has special meaning.  Demeter is the Goddess of Agriculture.  During the Fantasy Faire when the tinies jailed Evie, a large crowd came to her rescue and bailed her out.  In return, Evie gave each of us a gift.  This gift turned out to be the gorgeous “Demeter,” a combination flexi and mesh gown.  Previously seen only in the Miss Virtual World competition, “Demeter” is now available at Evie’s Closet for all of us.  I really love this gown.  Not only because it’s so lovely — and it truly is, as all of Evie’s items are — but because Evie and the entire Fantasy Faire community are so incredibly generous and of such beautiful heart.

evie front

evie's gown back

evie closeup face necklace

I pair “Demeter” with always beautiful “Solaria” necklace and earrings from long-time friend Tiffy Vella.  Her jewelry rocks, truly rocks.  Every purchase is loaded for bear, typically with a variety of gem and metal color options and an attention to detail that is just astounding.  I have several of Tiffy’s items from her Eclectica shop and I love them all.  Thank you, Tiffy, for your beautiful artistry and your wonderful friendship.

And yes…I did pair an orange-red hair with a blood-red gown.  Clawtooth hair has fast become a favorite go-to hair source because of its always distinctive personality.  I admit I’m rather fascinated by how this sunset colorway works with this gown.  The haircolor picks up some of the hue in the vein part of the leaf pattern on the gown.  And I just love the hair style.

No matter how you pair these items together or if you wear them separately all of these creations are gorgeous and all the designers wonderful.   Go reap what you sow and get these lovelies.

Fashion Details & Slurls

  • Gown:  “Demeter” (mesh) from Evie’s Closet by Evangeline Miles
  • Hair:  “Could I Resist” in sunset (mesh) from Clawtooth by Bubbles Clawtooth
  • Earrings & Necklace:  ‘Solaria in Fuscia&Silver (mesh) from Eclectica Jewellery & Accoutrements by Tiffy Vella
  • Bangles:  “Nizam Choodiya” in silver white from Zaara by Zaara Kohime
  • Arm bands:  “Nizam Bajubandh” in white from Zaara by Zaara Kohime
  • Skin:  “Margot” in America 01 with light brown brow from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
  • Location:  Worlds End Garden by Lucia Genesis

Hive Mind

“Community” was last week’s prompt for the Single Frame Story challenge.  My entry is entitled “Hive Mind.”

"Hive Mind"
“Hive Mind”

I’m late submitting it but the nice thing is, as Whiskey shares on the Single Frame Story website, we have until Friday, June 14th, to send in entries for “Community,” “Identity” (prompt for the week before last week’s), and “Creativity” (this week’s prompt).    So get your entries in!