Tattoo You

This week’s Single Frame Story prompt (per the weblog of the same name) is “Identity.”  I’ve missed a few weeks of SFS challenges because the Fantasy Faire was here and I am a Fantasy Faire devotee, like so many others.  I also promised myself that I would (will) write this summer.  I’ve started that process (always painful), have jotted down some words (time-out to you, Internal Editor), and have also run smack dab into writer’s block (otherwise known as Avoidance).

This brings me full circle to SFS challenges, which come now with a new twist as per Whiskey on the weblog:

…Single Frame Stories will have an exhibit on the SL10B birthday sim, and that means we need your stories to add to the display.

The birthday celebration officially opens on June 16th. That gives us exactly three weeks to work on stories to feature in our build. I’ll create the display build, and you all tell the stories. Deal?

For these next 3 challenges only, I’ll be asking for a new format for your stories. Please submit your stories in Landscape orientation only, so that our display can be cohesive. The prompts will be a series of words that describe just some of the reasons we are in Second Life…

So for these next 3 prompts (issued one per week) we have 3 weeks to develop them.

I know I will do this first prompt over again.  I’m not quite happy with it, but I am really trying to not allow perfect to be the enemy of the good.  My internal editor just needs to really pipe down.  She’s there, in the image.  About midway between my right ear and my chin, wearing a black skirt, white shirt, black corset.  She’s the Dominatrix Librarian, rubbing elbows against the child in me, the imaginative fae in me.  She’s always trying to find a way to give herself Voice.  Thankfully she’s not *on* my lips…but she’s close enough.

Anyway, my entry for the “Identity” prompt is entitled “Tattoo You.”  The image attempts to reflect the Giants Within.  Even though I can visualize how this might look, I have such a difficult time translating that thought into being.   My first attempt at it was what gave rise to my entry for the “switch” single frame story challenge.  My effort to depict personas that switch and meld together missed the mark in that image but I’m delighted that it was still visually interesting.

Kind of ironic – and appropriate – that an image conveying Identity would be somewhat amorphous, somewhat challenging to capture.

tattoo you1