Fantasy Faire…Surprise Again!

Fantasy Faire 2013 slurls and urls

A Look from the Fairelands


According to the Fantasy Faire weblog (url above), Wednesday brought the total raised so far to 5,702,323 linden…or somewhere in the neighborhood of $23,000 USD.



I’m in awe.  And even *more* motivated to continue to hit those RFL vendors, or help release any of the wonderful souls imprisoned by the tinies for various reasons (with the lindens for their bail going to RFL), or auctioning on any of the gorgeous creations (with all lindens going to RFL).  There are tons of ways to make a difference with this Fantasy Faire…but you all know this…look at what you’re doing!  I said it before and I’ll say it again:  YOU GO, WORLD!  Hit those slurls and those RFL vendors!  See you in the Fairelands.  Let’s plunge on in for the big push to eradicate cancer.



Fashion Info & Slurls

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this wonderful avie goes to the fight to eradicate cancer:

  • Evensong Sim.  Outfit (mesh skirt and poncho):  Sinan Kirtle from Nenya Eun of Sa-eela
  • Titans Hollow Sim.  Skin:  Fade Iced from Selos Dae of TRAP
  • Lotus Valley Dream Sim.  Giant Within:  The Magician from Starman Heron of Star Journey.  SL is a place where we bring to life our Giants Within.  Star Journey focuses on this and facilitates personal insights and inspiration through the use of Interactive Symbols, like their RFL offering “The Magician.”  Here’s how the Magician in you is described:  Within you are strengths and abilities that may surprise even you. The Magician is the symbol in Star Journey that describes inner qualities of being adept and ingenious. They may appear to you as simple, everyday acts, like how you cook, how you drive, how you give a friend guidance or support, or how you love. Others recognize your ease in doing these things. They are touched and inspired. Tap into the parts of you that express your own magic, your uniqueness. This enriches others and helps guide you forward.  Star Journey’s approach is based on Richard Geer’s latest book: “Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self.”

Fashion info for item that is not a RFL vendor item:

  • Hair:  Up In The Hair – Rouge from MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills (Wasabi is at the Faire in the Magnificat Sim)

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