Fantasy Faire…Steam Heat

Fantasy Faire 2013 slurls and urls


A Look from the Fantasy Faire 2013

Can I gloat for just a minute?  It’s not every day I can say I can fit into a XXS mesh outfit.  But gladly, that day is today.  Because the designer of this RFL vendor item somehow magically created a mesh garment that didn’t require me to radically alter my shape and that at the same time allowed me to wear the smallest possible size.  Okay, this is unheard of for a curvy girl like me.  A curvy girl who has no intention of obliterating my curves for fashion.  The fact that the alpha and the mesh fit me without plunging me into a gazillion Edit Appearance sessions is strikingly amazing.

For that reason alone (and it’s a BIG identity reason), this may very well be the very first mesh outfit I *adore.*  Plus it’s just a sassy, spunky Steampunk ensemble.  Let’s put some steam heat into this fight to eradicate cancer.  Hit the slurls below, hop on any slurls to the Fairelands above, and press those vendors of hope again and again and again and again until we win the day.

PE_006 PE_007

Fashion Info & Slurls

For Fantasy Faire items, where 100% of the proceeds for this RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer.  Lumenaria sim:

  • (RFL Vendor item) Outfit:  SteamLust-xxs -Cyber Relay For Life from Kioko Kumaki of Panda Express.

Fashion Items not part of Fantasy Faire

  • Socks:  Pia Leggings in Black from Milla Michinaga of MichaMi
  • Glasses:  Ole Blue Eyes goggles from Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros
  • Boots:  Pony Girls from Precious Restless of Boudoir
  • Hair:  Janet dark with berry hat from Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog
  • Skin:  Lily V1 SK 1 from Tricky Boucher of Belleza

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