Fantasy Faire…All aGlow

Fantasy Faire 2013 slurls and urls

 ffc plastik_001

A Look from the Fairelands

Beyond being so incredibly talented, the Fantasy Faire designers are so incredibly generous.  Take Aikea Rieko of The Plastik.  Her review pack is monstrously huge and phenomenal.  The skin comes with ears, a variety of prim eyes, lip and skin tattoos and eyebrow shapes.  An absolute ton of goodness, and while this particular skin isn’t a RFL item, it is a wonderfully fantastic creation that immediately transports you to another realm.  Pair it with Aikea’s Vandariel Armor and you’re ready to take on all worlds.  Vandariel Armor is yet another creation loaded for bare.  It that comes complete with a hud to change into a variety of different gemstones, a multitude of which are scattered throughout the ensemble.  And it comes with another hud to change into a variety of skirt textures.  Do pick these items up, especially Vandariel Armor which does come in a RFL colorway (after writing this post, I dashed back into Evensong Woods sim to buy mine).  I’m writing these posts after working full time and while I’m not intending to whine, I am trying to explain why my sentences might be a bit disjointed.  The thing is…I believe in this event and everyone who put it together and all of you who make it such a huge success.  I believe in its purpose.  It is noble and powerful and amazing.  Just as all of you so very much are.  Let’s grab those rides at the end of this post and keep storming the Fairelands.

ffc plastik_015

ffc plastik_016

ffc plastik_017

Fashion Info & Slurls

For Fantasy Faire items, where 100% of the proceeds for these RFL vendor items goes to the fight to eradicate cancer.  You’ll find The Plastik in the Evensong Woods sim:

  • (RFL Vendor item) Outfit:  Vandariel Armor.  I show it in Fool’s Gold which is not a RFL vendor color, but I just logged back in and bought the RFL version of this.  In all colorways it’s a wonderful garment from Aikea Rieko of The Plastik.  It comes complete with both a stone hud and skirt hud for a glorious array of gem and texture changing options.
  • (Not a RFL Vendor Item) Skin:  Draziira [Female]://Anjuna from Aikea Rieko of The Plastik
  • (Not a RFL Vendor Item) Eyes:  Draziira Ears andGlow Eye://Anjuna (comes with the Draziira set) from Aikea Rieko of The Plastik

Fashion info for items also shown (not part of the Fantasy Faire)

  • Hair:  .:EMO-tions:. * AMANDINE*/snow from Mirja Mills of EMO-tions (an item from Fantasy Faire 2012)

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