This Dream is not an Illusion

In some ways, Second Life is something of a miracle.

I met Misteria Loon more than 3 years ago now…probably well into 4 years.  In the atomic world, she lives on the other side of the world.  In the digital world, our paths and cultures crossed all those years ago because our journeys converged.  All of this set in motion through the generous heart of Shenlei Flasheart who created a fashion apprenticeship program *years* before it was all the vogue.

Four years later, and Shenlei, Misty, Yoona, Tiffy and I remain friends…despite differences in time zones and the ancillary paths — really always the main paths — that pull at our hearts.  Indeed, the heart of it all has always been about sharing and creating and being.

Even if we haven’t talked in a while, I’m thrilled when Shenlei, Misty, Yoona, and Tiffy still drop their latest creations to me.  I can’t help but smile at the unstated message: that we’re there for each other.  We clearly are.  There’s a connection of friendship that transcends the dream that is just as much the atomic world as some claim the digital world to be.  The limitations don’t matter.  It really can happen.  Persons from opposite sides of the world or the same back yard really can connect and appreciate each other without ever having met and despite the challenges of language, time, culture, distance, perspectives.

When I share their creations, it’s not only their wonderful artistry that I share.  Even more, it’s the tangible friendship I share.  It’s the incredible persons at the core of these treasured individuals.  Misty’s influence is nature.  She shares beauty in her creations as easily as the rest of us share a breath.  Hers is the realm of the fantastical…strangely ironic because the art she makes has as a foundation the other worldliness in atomic world gardens.

Just goes to prove that even if it would seem life is but a dream, the dream is often not an illusion.  Thank you wonderful friends Misty, Yoona, Tiffy, Shenlei, all for the enduring friendship that stands the test of even SL time.  Thank you all.

Fashion details follow.

Misty mermaid illusion_002

Misty mermaid illusion_003

Misty mermaid illusion_004

Misty mermaid illusion_006

Fashion details

  • Mermaid outfit:  “Mermaid Illusion” in deep blue by Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux
  • Hair:  “Gisele Loose Bangs” in platinum by Azure Electricteeth of LaViere
  • Skin: Lily V1 SK 1 (cleavage) by Tricky Boucher of Belleza
  • Hair wreath:  *EC* Secret Garden Wreath (Single) by Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet
  • Elf ears: *6DOO* wakka elf ears B left color:medium light by Ondo Mode of *6DOO*
  • Location:  Annwn Willows

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