Single Frame Story Prompt … Vanilla

“Vanilla” is the Single Frame Story prompt for this week.  Here’s my entry, entitled “Coffee and Creme.”

At first I thought I’d make a political statement here.  I think for me it’s still a political statement because I know the thinking behind the origins of this piece.  (This was one of those times the Muse kind of let me in on the intention…that doesn’t always happen for me.)   But I also really love the idea of leaving this piece in a broader state, inviting multiple interpretations.

I notice I’m rushing each week to my knee jerk reaction to the prompts.  In a way that’s been good because it’s caused me to quiet my internal editor and just go with my first instinct.  In another way, I’d like to slow it down and let the prompt marinate for a bit.    Not too long so as to get in my own way, but hopefully a bit longer to see if another idea emerges.  I’m hoping I’ll have a second entry…we’ll see.  Either way, do join the fun that Botgirl and Whiskey created with this venue, and submit your entries.  I’d love to see them, and I know they’ll be wonderful!

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