Neva River

I happened upon a photo in flickr that pointed to a weblog about a sim called Neva River.  It’s been a long time since I’ve explored but all the images of Neva River beckoned.  It’s a lovely, lovely sim that celebrates nature’s quiet depth.  Check out the sim weblog for words from the creator and collaborators themselves.  They describe this build as very personal, and when you’re there, you can’t help but sense that.  From the moment you arrive Neva River greets you with arms wide open.  Take the slurl to Neva River and see what I mean.  Do it soon…the sim has only a few days remaining:  ten whole days starting March 20th 3pm SL time.  


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Single Frame Story Prompt … Vanilla

“Vanilla” is the Single Frame Story prompt for this week.  Here’s my entry, entitled “Coffee and Creme.”

At first I thought I’d make a political statement here.  I think for me it’s still a political statement because I know the thinking behind the origins of this piece.  (This was one of those times the Muse kind of let me in on the intention…that doesn’t always happen for me.)   But I also really love the idea of leaving this piece in a broader state, inviting multiple interpretations.

I notice I’m rushing each week to my knee jerk reaction to the prompts.  In a way that’s been good because it’s caused me to quiet my internal editor and just go with my first instinct.  In another way, I’d like to slow it down and let the prompt marinate for a bit.    Not too long so as to get in my own way, but hopefully a bit longer to see if another idea emerges.  I’m hoping I’ll have a second entry…we’ll see.  Either way, do join the fun that Botgirl and Whiskey created with this venue, and submit your entries.  I’d love to see them, and I know they’ll be wonderful!


This week’s Single Frame Story prompt is “blur.”  A couple of ideas came to mind, and as always, it’s the execution of the idea that proves for me to be the challenge.  Here’s my first attempt.  It’s entitled “Life in the Slow Lane.”  I hope to share a second attempt before the deadline.  If you haven’t participated in the Single Frame Story challenge, you really should.  It’s a great deal of fun and almost really a group collaboration among wonderful artists-travelers who share their wonderful views, wit, experiences, and feelings in their works.  They are a constant source of inspiration and they are a pleasure to celebrate.  For a perpetual learner like me, it’s a privilege to participate in this creative endeavor.  Check out the SFS weblog (link above), where new weekly prompts are posted every Saturday morning along with the previous week’s entries.  Also check out and join the SFS flickr stream and send in your works!

SFS “Blur” prompt entitled:  Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane (SFS prompt "blur")
Life in the Slow Lane (SFS prompt “blur”)

Single Frame Story ~ “The You’re-Not-Listening of Writer’s Block”

This week’s single frame story prompt is “block.”  For someone who gets paid to write for a living, the word-association “block” automatically evokes is “writer’s block.”

My writer’s block isn’t just a “happening”…it’s a full blown persona.  I know because I have encountered her often and know when she’s present even without hearing her.  Without question, I know how she looks.  She is of a *disciplined* thinness in form.  She wears tight clothes and equally tight hair.  She’s fiercely gorgeous — with equal emphasis on “fierce” as much as “gorgeous” — and dead certain of her artistic view.  While I question all of that certainty (and I do question it alot), there’s no question that certain or not, she’s awfully smart.  She looks exactly like this (see photo), although I have to say over the years with each creative endeavor, her appearance is softening.  When I first did national novel writing month, my internal editor just about pitched a fit.  She whirled about more rapidly than any Tasmanian devil could even hope to dream to do.    Wonderful friend Dale always encouraged me to challenge my writing approach, sharing that nanowrimo is all about the process and all about learning from or experimenting with the process and less about writing the great American novella.  He’s right.  And yet my internal editor was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *incredibly* uncomfortable with that.  Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much so that really she inserted herself in each novella I wrote for the three years that I completed nanowrimo.  That proved, in the end, to be very interesting in itself because I tussled with my Internal Editor right within the stories themselves, right there on paper.  It was like an Ultimate Fighter competition in writing.  She made it through – as did I – even though it became very clear to me at some point that really my primary purpose with nanowrimo was to face my internal editor directly.  To give her form and presence.  To look her right in the eye.  To understand what she has been trying to do with my creative process.   In the end, she’s there to help.  It’s taken me years to see that (maybe that’s why she’s starving herself and wearing her clothes so tight I don’t know).  But it’s nice to see some progress.  There was a time when she wore a button top white shirt collared so high that I thought she would suffocate.  So now I am pleased to see the plunging v-neck and the off-center collar not quite so perfectly resting against her collarbone.

I’ve never known the name of my Internal Editor.   But she’s a Domme-Librarian.   That much I always knew.  And what I’ve learned, among other things, from my time inworld is that in any Domme-Sub (or Dom-Sub) relationship, the Sub really has all the power.   I’ve never engaged in this role play myself but I’ve heard this about the Dom-Sub relationship from those who have.  Beyond that…what I’ve *really* learned is that those are simply guises.  She’s just trying to help.  Knowing that and believing that…that’s when all the Domme bravado falls away and I can hear her more clearly.

Before I was enlightened though, the artist-editor relationship might look something like this.  My entry for this week’s single frame story is entitled “The You’re-Not-Listening of Writer’s Block.”

sfs block