Postcard from the Edge

Something happened today in the atomic world that I found incredibly jarring.  I witnessed it.  And I just can’t even begin to articulate it here.  It happened between two coworkers, both female.  Miscommunication gone awry so fast and leading to one female physically trying to insert herself into the face of the other female who was trying to walk away from a heated situation.  That one female tried to close the office door of the other female and force her presence and desire in for a heated argument when the other female did not want it…and they actually fought over who would have more power to close the door and lock them in together or who would have more power to force the door open to remove themselves from the heat of the moment.

Imagine if that had been a man trying to force a woman into a closed location so he could launch into a verbal (at first) attack on the female.

This was between two WOMEN.  One who said “No” to talking (arguing) about something.  One who tried to bully it into happening.

There’s no hidden message here for anyone who may read or visit this weblog.  What I described above truly happened today in the atomic world.  And I am stunned by it.  Stunned.

Absofuckinglutely stunned by it.

I hate to express my real life angst into either this weblog or my inworld life-photos, but forgive me for indulging this once.  My entry for this week’s Single Frame Story prompt “edge” is entitled:  “Postcard from the Edge.”  Man, the baggage.  Unreal.  Years ago, a friend of mine said that he couldn’t stand reading authors who fictionalized their personal life and explored their own angst/experiences in novels they sold.  I wonder what that friend of mine, who is now 80, would think of this world and communication in this day and age.

postcard from the edge

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A child in the wild blue yonder...full blooded woman with the power just to be. ~ John Haitt

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