Up Close & Personal … 1

I enjoy working at the craft of inworld photography, even if I’m a long way from mastering it.  Long way or not, I decided to do a nude series.  Seems to be part of this art path, and it makes sense that it is.  Not much is more beautiful than a clean composition of the very skin and form that we are in.   But in attempting this, I didn’t want to do something predictable.  So instead of focusing on the beauty of the nude female, I’m switching the approach up just a bit and focusing on the beauty of the nude male.  (I’m no fool.)  And not only that, there’s a part of me that wants to see what it feels like to be behind the camera in this way.  I’m staying clear of the word “objectifying” because that’s not my intention…but that word does rear itself (at least for me) when you focus so closely on another person’s body parts for lengths of time.  That alone has already proven to be an interesting learning experience, even early into this project.

So this begins my Nude Series.  I call it “Up Close & Personal.”  I plan to post the entries over a series of weeks on no particular day and in no particular order.  I sincerely thank my very, very very wonderful friend Dale who graciously agreed to collaborate with me on this project.  Dale rocks in so very many ways, including his natural inclination to be so wonderfully patient.  It still takes me forever with inworld photography to translate the approach from my head into action — to set up, find the mood, the lighting, the angle, and take the photos.  Dale always remains beautifully patient and supportive — it’s truly a wonderful collaboration — and looks as amazing in every capture as he is in every instance.

Up Close & Personal : Reflection

up close and personal 1 moda


3 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … 1

  1. @Dale, niiiiiiiicceeee!! /me swoons 🙂 and thank you thank you thank you
    @Whiskey and thank you too for always being so wonderfully encouraging 🙂

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