Letter to Poulet

Dear Poulet,

Your creations are G O R E G E O U S!

Just take all my lindens. 


I have an urge to say this to Poulet Koenkamp, she of PurpleMoon fame.  One item is as gorgeous as the next and I find myself virtually mainlining her store.  Plus she gives incredible deals.  If you haven’t yet joined her group, I don’t know why not.  For somewhere in the neighborhood of a one-time 50L group fee (if I’m not mistaken), you get a plethora of group gifts (usually gorgeous gowns)…one gift of which is released just about every month or so.  Plus she has “manager’s choice” and “designer’s choice” specials in the 60L or 55L range and that usually consists of a top and pants or a top and skirt.  Everything is just so gorgeous it’s really really really difficult to not touch vendors there.  I managed to stop myself after picking up the latest group gift, two designer’s choice items, and a gorgeous new gown that is reduced 25% through today (Feb 3) for group members.  I won’t talk alot about these items.  Suffice to say they are beautiful as always.  Window shop if you like but if you have group membership there, do make a point to head over to PurpleMoon this weekend for sure to get 25% off on this gorgeous gown at the very least.

Look 1

PM and DF necklace close_002

PM and DF necklace close_001

Look 2

PM and DF necklace close_006

PM and DF necklace close_007

Look 3

PM and DF necklace close_013

PM and DF necklace close_012

Details – Look 1:

  • Skin:  “Lola” in 08 by Ava Grau, owner of Glance Skins
  • Gown: “Marzia” in turquoise by Poulet Koenkamp, owner of PurpleMoon.  Comes in a variety of colorways, each one 25% off through February 3rd for PurpleMoon members.
  • Hair:  “Lipstick & Cigarettes” in Break-of-Dawn by Bubbles Clawtooth, owner of Clawtooth
  • Jewelry:  “Irina”  (set contains earrings, necklace, and ring) by Squinternet Larnia, owner of Donna Flora
  • Pose:  “SLCposing48pin” by manmoth Nishi, owner of SweetLovelyCute

Details – Look 2:

  • Skin:  “Lola” in 08 by Ava Grau, owner of Glance Skins
  • Gown:  “Dragonfly” 19000 group members gift by Poulet Koenkamp, owner of PurpleMoon
  • Hair:  “Monday” in black by Queue Marlowe, owner of Analog Dog
  • Jewerly:  “Dragonfly” (set contains earrings, necklace, ) by Tiffy Vella, owner of Eclectica Jewellery
  • Poses:  “SLCposing98si” and “SLCposing76nud(relax)” by manmoth Nishi, owner of SweetLovelyCute

Details – Look 3:

  • Skin:  “Shyla” in sunkissed2  by Tricky Boucher, owner of Belleza
  • Top and Jeans:  “Designer”s Choice” #143  (mesh jeans) by Poulet Koenkamp, owner of PurpleMoon
  • Hair:  “Cricket” in black by Kin Keiko, owner of Kin
  • Boots:  “Foxy” in steel byBax, owner of Bax Coen
  • Poses:  “Couture” by wetcat Flux of WetCat; and, “back up” miniseries by Trieste Minuet of bang

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