Genre “Enchanted Tree”

I’m quite Ethereal tonight on the grid.  I can’t seem to materialize into actual form.  So I’m not able to take pictures of a couple more skins that I picked up at the Genre event.  But I did manage to take one picture in one of the skins a couple nights ago before my viewer got the vapors and so here it is, a lovely skin from Curious Kitties.  I believe this skin is meant for miniatures but I love it even on regular me.   Note the wonderful detail around the eyes and temples.  If I ever materialize, I’ll check out the skin from head to toe and share the findings.   As for now and as for the face, I think “Enchanted Tree” (Azil in whisp) from creator Ameshin Yossarian is a delightful, fanciful rendering.

Genre Curious Kitty skin_002

Do head over to Genre if you haven’t yet done so, and pick up this lovely skin along with all the other lovely items there.  (Like this wonderful hair from Analog Dog.)

Genre is a new monthly event celebrating the various inworld cultures.  It launches with a focus on fantasy and a theme of “Ethereal.”  This month’s participating designers are:  Bare Rose, Analog Dog, Oblivion, Fallen Gods, La Petite Morte, Boudoir, Frippery, Curious Kitties, Studio Sidhe.


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