Last night when I logged inworld, I opened up a subscribo notecard from Oblivion that announced a new monthly event “Genre.”  Here’s the full description:

Genre is a new monthly event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL. With so many creators designing for these special communities, it was high time that they had an event of their own, not only bringing them and their talents to the general populace of SL, but also at a price everyone can afford. Each month a specific genre is chosen along with a theme to help inspire and unify the designers in their creations, with a price cap of 100L per item. Starting on the 15th of every month and ending on the 12th, people will have a lil less than a month to visit the event.  For the opening month Fantasy is being brought to the forefront with Ethereal being the theme….a land where magic abounds, unicorns roam free, and the goblin king reigns.  This month’s participating designers are:

Bare Rose
Analog Dog
Fallen Gods Inc
La Petite Morte
Curious Kitties
Studio Sidhe

With a theme like “Ethereal,” I couldn’t resist.  I tp’d, I saw, I shopped!  And now I post!  The event venue isn’t overly huge (yet), which is wonderful.  And the beautiful creations that are there are wonderful too.  I picked up several items, all of them shown in this post beginning with this angelic mesh dress…shocking that it might be to find me in mesh.  Mesh and I generally don’t well, mesh (pun intended).  I refuse to alter my shape to fit it and it generally refuses to adhere to the dangerous curves of my form.  Imagine my surprise and utter delight when this particular dish of a mesh dress from BareRose fit like a glove.  Huzzah, triumphant!  I surged ahead then and without any intention of altering my shape for a skin either, I wore a La Petite Morte skin, which is also available at Genre.  And the hair from Analog Dog (also at Genre) is just iconoclastic-classical fun.




Do check out Genre.  I have a feeling this event is going to grow rapidly in popularity if the launch is any indication.  The Ethereal theme runs at Genre from January 15th-February 12th.

Fashion Details

  • hair:  “b-wound up” in shea (light blondes) from Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog
  • skin:  “wixon” (fantasy 1) in pale from Voshie Paine of la petite morte
  • dress:  “self control” (mesh) from June Dion of BareRose (shoes shown not included)
  • eyes (not at Genre):  “sunrise” in sand from Ikon Innova of IKON

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