Always a Woman

alafolie front

Half the fun of doing a fashion post is putting the look together.  I’ve always favored a look of casual elegance.  I’m all refined lady but can just as easily slip my heels off for a game of beach volleyball or for transplanting flowers in a garden bed.

Ala Folie fashion speaks to this…although not really.  The truth is I just wear the brand that way.  There’s no mistaking the ultra femininity of Ala Folie fashion.  And it’s the easiest look to put together because each purchase is complete:  utterly elegant and female.   I’m not at all sure if Pixivor’s muse would ever allow her nails to be dirtied from planting flowers.  But one thing is certain…no matter what any Ala Folie woman is doing, she looks the part of the ideal woman.  Because, you see…she really, truly is.

Sashay yourself on down to the slurls below and pick up a yummy Ala Folie item, like this flapper dress, which comes in a variety of lengths and a fat pack.  I show it in the very sexy “courte.”

alafolie back

Fashion Details

  • Dress:  “Diamant” (courte) in noir (not including belt) from Pixivor Allen of Ala Folie .  Comes with matching shoes.
  • Hair:  “Sassy 2″ (mesh) in treacle (dark browns) from Truth Hawks of  Truth .
  • Eyes:  “Horizon Eyes” in Pale Caramel from Ikon Innovia of  IKON .
  • Skin:  “Helena – December 31st” from Tuli Asturias of Tuli, at The Dressing Room – Fusion .
  • Belt:  “Luna” from Matchbook Monday of Amorous.

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