SFS ~ Unplugged

I’ve lost my sense of time lately.  But if I have it right, this week’s Single Frame Story prompt is “unplugged.”   Dang!  I am late, I just discovered!  Ah well, a week late and several dollars short here I go anyway!

Once again my submission is a bit rudimentary…all I can say is “hey, there goes my inner child again” with a shrug and a smile.  As for the adult me, the wiles and ways of PS continue to elude me.  From the painfully little I know, I attempted to create a stick figure story.  PS accessories like a pen and such probably exist (I wouldn’t know) but all I had at my disposal was a trackball (!).   That said, please excuse the very crude, wobbly rendering.

My inspiration for the “unplugged” prompt came about after a recent dinner where a just barely 20-something couple talked about “this new fad…a new theme party, where you leave your devices in a bowl and you actually *talk* to the person you’re with, instead of texting other people who aren’t even there.  Sounds quaint!”

Cultural shift anyone?  At first I was stunned to hear this referred to as a new idea, basically, and moreover as “quaint.”  And then I realized that these 20-some year olds most likely have no concept of life *without* a smart device.  I can only imagine what must happen during one of these new-fangled parties where — instead of our smart devices, we’re left to our *own* devices.

Here’s one possibility – entitled “Unplugged”:

sfs unplugged


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