Peace Out!

One more day remains in the Peace On Earth hunt.   If you’re like me and not terribly good with hunts or haven’t yet been to these particular shops, do jump in on the POE hunt before it wraps up I believe on the 6th.  It’s well worth your efforts…all the items have been wonderful.   I’m even thrilled with how some mesh items look on my shape, and that’s saying a great deal.  My figure and Mesh don’t typically get along.  But these two POE mesh items (shown below) suit even a curvy girl like me very well.  And I didn’t even have to wear the XXXXXXXL size to make them fit — Huzzah!!  If I’m not mistaken, these are both Mediums…a size I’m stunned to be able to get into.  Philosophically, here’s the other gripe I have about mesh…we shouldn’t be developing complexes inworld about clothing sizes.  Don’t we have enough of that in the atomic world?  Anyway, a size Medium in my unaltered shape I can live with.  Particularly when the items are cute-cute-cute like these two.   Grab the taxis at the end of this post and get yours!  Peace Out! 🙂

POE_006 POE_007 POE_008


Fashion Details

  • First look:  POE5 #018    – BoHo HoBo sweater by Trill Zapatero.  Worn with “Emily” in sangria from Truth Hair by Truth Hawks; “Ripped Jeans Numba 1” from QE by Emmins13 Sygall.
  • Second look:  POE5 #114 – “Kabakoma” from Artizana by Dainie Fraina.  Worn with “Vilda” open boots in brick from G Fields by Cerberus Noel.

2 thoughts on “Peace Out!

  1. The same for me (along with mesh hair, which seems to fit)! Girl Dale absolutely *rocks* these looks…and everything else for that matter! :))

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