Happy New Year

POE Eshi2

If you don’t yet have your New Year’s Eve outfit, you *must* do the Peace on Earth Hunt.  Specifically, you *must* head straight to Eshi Otawara’s shop and hunt out that globe.  Because tucked inside the beautiful orb is this magnificent ball of billowy confetti masquerading as a jacket.  This year’s POE Hunt is spectacular with tons of goodies to be found along the way.  But Eshi’s short jacket beautifully sings out Happy New Year like no other.  And you will too when you wear this.  Father Time’s on the move…so hit those slurls and pick up this gorgeous POE gift from Eshi.   And more than that, all the best wishes to you and yours for a spectacularly joyous and healthy new year!


Oh!  And this *great* hair from EMO-tions is a POE hunt gift as well!  You receive it in white and in black, both!  JOY!


Fashion Details

  • POE5 #134 – Eshi short jacket by Eshi Otawara.  Worn with “Salience” in midnight from Maitreya by Beauvoir Rousselot, and “Metal leggings” in purple from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing.
  • POE5 #098 –  “Heaven” in black from EMO-tions by Mirja Mills.

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