The Finer Things

Sometimes you just need to immerse yourself in prettiness because sometimes things happen in the world at large that take comprehension way-way-beyond thefar-beyond.  And the only thing that makes sense is love.  It’s the only thing that ever really does.


Thank you, Yula Finesmith for your many pretty things.  I shopped until my avi dropped and have many things to show, but for now am showing only the bubble gown in this post (light strings not included).  I’m the first to admit that despite Finesmith’s many pretties the thing that drove every one of my purchases there was powerful emotions.  It’s certainly not something I do routinely — handle my emotions with shopping — but in this case I am grateful for the momentary diversion.  If you find you too are in need of an emotional diversion from the horrific news of the days, here’s the info on Finesmith.  And don’t be surprised if you see me there again.


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