Single Frame Story … Easy

This week’s Single Frame Story prompt was not easy to create.  So much so that I’m late with the entry.  But I enjoyed trying to do it.  I wanted to find a way to depict self-help, because for me it’s very easy to be grateful for those moments when I can lift myself up.  Help from any source is often easily taken for granted but it should be just as easy to appreciate it.

So even though I’m late with this and even though there are several flaws with it (despite following several YouTube photoshop tutorials on moving images from one file to another), here’s my entry for the SFS prompt “easy.”  It’s entitled:  “It’s easy to be grateful.”

It's easy to be grateful
It’s easy to be grateful

Here’s a cleaned up version.  (Photoshop is hard!!  At least for me it is.)

Sfs easy_009ab


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