Happy New Year

POE Eshi2

If you don’t yet have your New Year’s Eve outfit, you *must* do the Peace on Earth Hunt.  Specifically, you *must* head straight to Eshi Otawara’s shop and hunt out that globe.  Because tucked inside the beautiful orb is this magnificent ball of billowy confetti masquerading as a jacket.  This year’s POE Hunt is spectacular with tons of goodies to be found along the way.  But Eshi’s short jacket beautifully sings out Happy New Year like no other.  And you will too when you wear this.  Father Time’s on the move…so hit those slurls and pick up this gorgeous POE gift from Eshi.   And more than that, all the best wishes to you and yours for a spectacularly joyous and healthy new year!


Oh!  And this *great* hair from EMO-tions is a POE hunt gift as well!  You receive it in white and in black, both!  JOY!


Fashion Details

  • POE5 #134 – Eshi short jacket by Eshi Otawara.  Worn with “Salience” in midnight from Maitreya by Beauvoir Rousselot, and “Metal leggings” in purple from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing.
  • POE5 #098 –  “Heaven” in black from EMO-tions by Mirja Mills.

The Day After Christmas

In the blink of an eye, the flurry of the season morphed into a very slow moving day after Christmas.  I am grateful for the ease of it, and the preciousness of loving family and friendships.  In the rush of everything, I didn’t get a chance to do a fashion post of the Christmas outfit I seemed to be living in this year.  And so a day late and some lindens short (although not many, as some of the items were group gifts) here’s some continued good cheer:




  • skin:  “Kate” in pale from Tricky Boucher, Belleza‘s Christmas 2012 Group Gift
  • dress:  “Snowflake fairy ballet” from Precious Restless, Boudoir‘s Christmas 2012 Group Gift
  • gloves:  “Antartica” in white from Sascha Frangilli, Sascha Designs
  • eyes:  “Sunrise” in torquoise-large from Ikon Innovia, Ikon
  • hair:  “Maria” in snow from Catwa Clip, CaTwA
  • jewelery:  “Ireth” chain halo and earrings in white marble from Poulet Koenkamp, PurpleMoon
  • eye jewelery:  “Swan” from Poulet Koenkamp, PurpleMoon
  • Barret:  “Butterflies gem clip” from Abraxxa Anatine, Earthstones
  • Location:  Oubliette
  • lights:  Christmas Light Set from Trixxy Oh (on SL Marketplace store
  • pose:  “back up 2” mini series from trieste minuet, !bang (on SL marketplace)

The Finer Things

Sometimes you just need to immerse yourself in prettiness because sometimes things happen in the world at large that take comprehension way-way-beyond thefar-beyond.  And the only thing that makes sense is love.  It’s the only thing that ever really does.


Thank you, Yula Finesmith for your many pretty things.  I shopped until my avi dropped and have many things to show, but for now am showing only the bubble gown in this post (light strings not included).  I’m the first to admit that despite Finesmith’s many pretties the thing that drove every one of my purchases there was powerful emotions.  It’s certainly not something I do routinely — handle my emotions with shopping — but in this case I am grateful for the momentary diversion.  If you find you too are in need of an emotional diversion from the horrific news of the days, here’s the info on Finesmith.  And don’t be surprised if you see me there again.

All that glitters…friendships and gems!

A couple of weeks ago, long time friend and uber talented Eclectica creator Tiffy Vella dropped her latest jewelry wardrober to me.  It’s called “Cascade” and it’s amazing and gorgeous as are all of Tiffy’s wonderful designs.  But even more than her beautiful gift, I deeply enjoyed spending time chatting with Tiffy and learning how life, and second life, were treating her.  “Very well” is no surprise.  Tiffy’s a genuinely nice, generous and talented soul.  As much as auras can be detected in the virtual world, her’s is clear and bright.   It’s been a long time (maybe 4 years now?) since we met and worked together at Shenlei Flasheart’s Shengri La Vintage Marketplace.  The great and grand thing about SL is how friendships continue to last through the years.

That certainly holds true when it comes to talent, too.  Tiffy’s designs have always been intricate and rich to the eye.  That hasn’t changed one bit.  “Cascade” provides another powerful display of her brand.

eclectica purple closeup

What has changed over the last year or so is the great scripting Tiffy includes in her pieces.  “Cascade” includes a HUD that provides virtually endless color choices for the beads and a wonderful variety of colors for the metal.  A wild capability of the HUD is that you can change all the colors simultaneously in the entire ensemble when you wear each piece together. I show “Cascade” (above) in one two-tone colorway with gold metal.  Here it is (below) in another two-tone colorway with black metal.  With this gown from Sascha’s Designs, I do adore the purple and white with gold metal.  Yet it’s so much fun to have the ability to change colors on a whim.

eclectica cascade side cropped

Here’s a closeup of the bracelet.  You receive a left and a right bracelet with your purchase, along with the earrings and the necklace.

eclectica bracelet

Speaking of earrings, here’s a closeup of those as well.  The entire ensemble is gorgeous.  Add to that the ability to change up the colors of the beads and the metals, you’ll find “Cascade” to be a truly wonderful gift…for your friends and yourself!  ‘Cuz you’ll want this set too…trust me you will!

eclectica yellow earrings

Get your jollies here!  Fashion Details & Slurls

Single Frame Story … Secret

This is a late entry for this week’s Single Frame Story prompt “secret.”  It’s entitled “I’ve Got a Secret…’Compartmentalization Shhhh’‘  ” and it goes like this:


She couldn't reconnect to the child within even if it was right under nose.  Then again...maybe it wasn't.
She couldn’t reconnect to the child within even if it was right under nose. Then again…maybe it wasn’t.




Single Frame Story … Easy

This week’s Single Frame Story prompt was not easy to create.  So much so that I’m late with the entry.  But I enjoyed trying to do it.  I wanted to find a way to depict self-help, because for me it’s very easy to be grateful for those moments when I can lift myself up.  Help from any source is often easily taken for granted but it should be just as easy to appreciate it.

So even though I’m late with this and even though there are several flaws with it (despite following several YouTube photoshop tutorials on moving images from one file to another), here’s my entry for the SFS prompt “easy.”  It’s entitled:  “It’s easy to be grateful.”

It's easy to be grateful
It’s easy to be grateful

Here’s a cleaned up version.  (Photoshop is hard!!  At least for me it is.)

Sfs easy_009ab