Single Frame Story … Shot in the Dark

It’s that time.  When the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars and the Earth is as one that every major appliance in the house decides to go on the fritz.  Just to be contrarian, no doubt.  Included in that is my trusty desktop tower of – what – 6 years or 7 years now? 

I managed this photo (below) before the dreaded blue screen of death seized the machine.  Due to the circumstances around the arrival of this image, I’ve entitled it:  Twilight of Machine Life.  Ironically, it has a bit of a vampire feel to it.  (I hope the image quality reads well…it looked odd on my machine before my machine crashed.)  Ah well.  If anyone has suggestions for tower specs or make or model, please leave a comment with them.  Would be so grateful for your ideas.  Meanwhile, I’ll finish this post and get back to my day job duties.

“Twilight of Machine Life” for the Single Frame Story prompt “Shot in the Dark”

Twilight of a Machine Life

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