Single Frame Story … Humility

High Fashion Humility

This one is deeply personal.  Someone very close went through this, just last year.  Then, the fight with cancer began with a lumpectomy that disfigured.  The second set of surgeons who gave a second opinion called the remains of the breast a “defect.”  No matter how much they tried to withhold their emotion, their disdain for the “skills” of the first surgeon spilled out each time they gave their evaluation.

The good news is the battle has been won.  And while all the cells are healthy ones now with no more rogue cells, the truth remains that the recovery unfolds gradually on so many levels…probably the same levels as the fight itself was waged:  physical, psychological, emotional, cultural, probably much more. 

My entry for this week’s Single Frame Story “humility” prompt is entitled “High Fashion Humility.”  The inspiration for it comes from participating in whatever way I best could in this walk…which included researching as much as I could on the topic.  It was then that I came across a Breast Cancer resource book with a cover image of an impossibly beautiful (horribly ironic given this context) and fully intact woman.  I was struck by the disconnect between the idealized beauty on the book’s cover and the incredibly hard truth of this battle.  No doubt the image was probably meant to provide something to hold onto, to hope to morph into at the end of an incredibly challenging journey.  Still.  The profound beauty of the Warrior must never be denied, no matter how awful the scars or how much deviation there is from the conventional concepts of beauty.

I wish my photoshop skills (such as they are) were much stronger.  If they were, I would have done a much better job of showing respect to and honoring the poignant beauty and strength in all of those who have battled or are battling cancer, and all of their loved ones who are right there in the thick of it with them.  God bless you all.