If it’s possible to stalk a store, I admit upfront that I stalk PurpleMoon Creations.  The brand carries so very many gorgeous items that I just can’t help but do a few gazillion writeups about them.  And why should this month be any different?  It shouldn’t, particularly when you take a gander at PurpleMoon founder Poulet Koenkamp’s spirited Halloween Special called “La Morte Douce.” I show this evocative black gown with an equally wonderful item, another Halloween Special from PurpleMoon called “Creatura Headpiece.”   Take a look.  Isn’t the entire effect beautiful and otherworldly?  

Sometimes rummaging through your closet is an adventure that pays off richly.  I happened across this amazing set of prototype wings from the old Sevens Selections-now Vaengi that creator Jen Shikami so very generously shared with me several years ago…just because she is incredibly nice and incredibly talented both.  When I put these wings on with the gown, the entire ensemble popped.  The items all work so incredibly perfectly together.  But even without these grand wings (if I’m not mistaken they aren’t available but check out Vaengi to be sure), La Morte Douce is a stunning bit of high fashion all on its own…from the deliciously feathered skirt all the way up to the opulence of the feathered neckline. 

Here’s a closer view of the multitude of feathers that cascade around the face:  

And because I’m posting this on my lunch hour, I have to wrap this entry up far more abruptly than I like.  The items really are so gorgeous I think they do speak very beautifully for themselves.  So, do take flight to PurpleMoon, purchase this gown and headdress and get in the spirit of this Halloween season in perhaps the most fabulously glamorous of ways.


3 thoughts on “Blackbird

  1. Welcome! and thank you so much, Nicandra, for your very kind words! I’m delighted to explore your weblog too…it’s always wonderful to meet kindred virtual world spirits.

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