The new League skin caused me to do something that I very rarely do.  It caused me to buy the fatpack.  “Isla” had that kind of pull on me because it’s just such a lovely skin I couldn’t help myself.  See what I mean?


“Isla” fits my shape like a glove. This is not one of those innocent, young school girl looking skins.  This is one for a woman who possesses wisdom and wit along with sass and playfulness.  Among all the lovely details, I do love the way League skins carry such a beautifully defined lip.  Really overall just gorgeous.   The hardest part of selecting a League skin is making a choice on skintone.   If you’re like me, you may end up getting the fatpack.  Either way you won’t regret it.  To get your single tone or the entire fatpack follow the slurl below.

Fashion Details

  • Skin:  “Isla” in Fever medium, blonde brow Set B from Nena Janus, creator of League.
  • Eyes:  “Sunrise Eyes” in warm silver from Ikon Innovia, creator of Ikon.

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