Surrender … Single Frame Story Prompt

The prompt for this week’s Single Frame Story couldn’t be more timely, given some of the discussions I’ve had with family members of late.  Here (below) is the image that characterizes how I feel about those discussions.  It’s also an image that I try to hold up to myself when I’m busying myself with convincing myself that I’m a “responsible victim.”  I try not to wear that dressage often, but I do slip into it every now and then.  Who knew that the Single Frame Story challenge could be so cathartic?  I hadn’t anticipated that it would be, but I have to admit it does appear to be the case, most definitely this week.  Whether or not it is for you too, do join in the fun…because it truly is a fun creative challenge week to week as well.

As for this week, here is my entry for the SFS prompt “Surrender.”  This image is entitled “Giving Up the Ghosts.”

Giving up the Ghosts

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