Trick or Treat

This month’s group gift from Purple Moon Creations is most definitely a treat.   If you’re a member of the VIP group, fly thee to the main store and pick up this hot little festive ensemble.  It’s called “Demonia” and it is wicked good.   Here’s the taxi:  PurpleMoon.

It comes with everything in red that you see here:  wings, horns, hooves, tail, collar, bodysuit.

If you’re not currently a member of the Purple Moon group, why the hell not?  I cuss in the spirit of the season.  But also I can’t help but get worked up because Poulet Koenkamp, creator of Purple Moon,  gives the best gifts on the grid — gowns, jewelry sets, this great outfit — and all in exchange for a very nominal one-time sign-up fee.    So even if you’re not a member currently, here’s the taxi again:  PurpleMoon.

Fly over to the main shop, sign up, and snag your halloween outfit.   If you don’t, you’ll make this little devil unhappy because you’ll be missing out…not only on “Demonia” but on all of Poulet’s incredible items.  Skedaddle as if a fire is lit under you!!


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