Single Frame Story … Week 9

Whiskey and Botgirl ‘s prompt for this week’s single frame story is “In restrospect.”

I’m not sure why this concept (below) came into my head.  Probably because I’ve poked at some cultural norms in previous entries.   This week’s image is my way of acknowledging that I’m not any more perfect than the next person. The setup I tried to create is by far the busy-iest…it almost hurts my eyes to look at this.   And while I’m kind of pleased that the concept translated from my head to the image, the truth is there are many things I would still change if I could.  I need to get brave at some point about ripping apart some of the props (if they’re mod).   Part of the fear is not knowing what I’m doing.  The other part is not wanting to ruin the creator’s work.   That said, I may do another take on this Glass Houses story again this week…if time permits and especially, if I’m able to move the end result closer to how it looks in my head.

As for now, here’s “Little Glass Houses” (first iteration).



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